Fright or Flight? Understanding the Complexities of Aggression & Fear

For many reactive dogs, biting or fighting are the choices they make when they run out of options, out of coping skills and knowledge. Suzanne's approach teaches handlers to see the fear and confusion that underlies many behavior and aggression problems, and choose different approaches. Emphasis is on reading canine body language, understanding use of space (macro & micro), the stimulus gradient, and "thin slicing" & skill building for success. A variety of Suzanne's practical Relationship Centered Training  techniques will be provided to help handlers and dogs both make choices that are comfortable, safe and humane.

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Additional Information

Type Live
Year 2017
Topics Aggression, Arousal, Behavior Problems, Fearful Dogs, On-Leash Aggression, Practical Application
Author No
Presenters Suzanne Clothier
Location Austin, TX
Venue Rockin' Y Ranch


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