Ebert & Stewart on Dogs

On a fine snowy day, looking at one of my dogs who nearly died on Feb 8, contemplating the joys and heartbreaks of dogs, it seems fitting to share these two lovely pieces. Warning: tissues should be ready to hand. If you're not teary eyed after these, I'd have to wonder what's beating beneath your ribs.

A genuine must read is Roger Ebert's haunting tribute to dogs in general, and one particular dog, Blackie. Makes me want to load up a couple of dogs and make an emergency visit to Chicago in Blackie's name. Thank you, Roger, for another gorgeous bit of writing.

And then, while you're still sniffling, listen/watch dear sweet Jimmy Stewart read his memorable tribute to a dog. I remember watching this particular Tonight show with Johnny Carson. A lifelong Stewart fan, I wasn't prepared for how hard his reading of this piece would hit me. I have never forgotten it.

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