Clermont Co DTC - Cincinnati, OH - Nov 4-6

Friday Evening November 4, 2016
One + One = Three
6pm – 9pm Evening Lecture

Take one person, add one dog, and you get a third entity: the relationship between the person and the dog. This third “being”, formed from the intersection of two beings with their own needs, limitations and desires, needs to be addressed with care and compassion when developing any training plan.

Whether you are seeking a better understanding of your relationship with your own dog, or trying to help cli- ents understand their relationships & dogs, or helping dogs find the right homes.
Saturday November 5, 2016
What’s The Problem: Solving the Puzzle of Behavior, Training & Performance
9am - 5pm Seminar

This exciting new seminar from Suzanne Clothier provides attendees with a practical and powerful way of look- ing at any behavior, training or performance problem, and figuring out what to do. This systematic approach to unraveling the puzzle will help any handler, novice or expert, identify the areas that need attention, recognize training methods that are effective, and understand their dog as a physical, emotional and mental being.

For the dog lover, this approach helps guide your thinking about behavior, training problems, and helps you identify where to turn for help -- and what kind of help you need and want.

For the dog training professional, this approach offers a number of powerful tools for quickly and accurately identifying the issues that may be at the root of any presented problem. This allows trainers to focus on areas that need to be built or that need strengthening or repair.

Above all, how do you know how and what needs work? How do you know if a method or equipment choice is right for you and your dog? There is a bewildering array of options and information out there. How do you know which way to go? Suzanne can help you find your way using your own good sense and specific approaches to finding answers.

Topics covered:
*The dog - physical, mental, emotional
*Clothier’s Functional Assessment Tool (FAT)
*The handler - goals, skills, tools
*Control, Connection & Permission -- finding the strengths & gaps
*Training Triage - who, what, where, when, why
*What’s right for you? Creating a framework for assessing tools, methods & results

While Suzanne cannot provide a magic wand or any miracle fairy dust, she can and will provide meaningful tools and ways of thinking that will help you make better decisions for yourself, your dogs and - for professionals - your clients.

Sunday November 6, 2016
Fright or Fight? Understanding the Complexities of Aggression & Fear 9am - 5pm
This seminar is back by popular demand!

For many reactive dogs, biting or fighting are the choices they make when they run out of options, out of coping skills and knowledge.

Suzanne’s approach teaches handlers to see the fear and confusion that underlies many behavior and aggression problems, and choose different approaches.

Emphasis is on reading canine body language, understanding use of space (macro & micro), the stimulus gradient, and “thin slicing” & skill building for success.

A variety of practical techniques will be provided to help handlers and dogs both make choices that are comfortable, safe and humane.

RECEIVED by/on September 30, 2016
$260.00 for Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday $40.00 for Friday Night
$230.00 for Saturday and Sunday
$130.00 for one day only
Received After September 30, 2016
$285.00 for Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday $55.00 for Friday Night
$245.00 for Saturday and Sunday
$140.00 for one day only

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