Enhancing Relationships for Better Performance

If that amazing feeling of connection with your dog seems to come and go, if you wish things could be just a bit smoother between you and your dog, if you're wondering why your dog's performance varies, if you'd like to know WHY he's doing this or that, this is the seminar for you. Dogs do not learn or perform in a vacuum, but within the context of a relationship with their handler, as well as the broader context of other influences.

Participants will learn to "see the dog." Handlers benefit from a deeper, nuanced understanding of how the dog perceives his world, what interests or bores him, how physical limits may be performing at his best, how to respond to a dog who tells you "this is boring!" and more. Emphasis is placed on understanding the dog's behavior as a response to environment, intrinsic, extrinsic and social stimuli. Understanding the dog within the context of this complex blend of information helps handlers work to modify and adapt their handling and goals for enhanced relationships and better performance.

Participants will learn how their own movement, orientation, tension, breathing and use of equipment can help or hinder the relationship and performance they want from their dog. For instructors & trainers, the practical applications plus the specifics of observing handler, dogs and their interactions helps to provide better coaching to bring out the best each dog/handler team can achieve.

Help yourself and/or your students and their dogs to better performance and relationships with the effective, sensible and humane Relationship Centered Training (RCT) techniques.

This is a day filled with AHA! moments, and one that will change how you see dogs and their handlers. NOTE: This seminar is a perfect complement to the RAT seminar.


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Type Live
Year 2012
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Author Suzanne Clothier
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