FINDING THE THINK & LEARN ZONE: Helping Your Dog Stay in Balance, Minimize Fear & Anxiety with RCT Techniques

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FINDING THE THINK & LEARN ZONE: Helping Your Dog Stay in Balance & Minimizing Fear & Anxiety Using RCT Techniques ™

Is your dog is ready to conquer his next title? Or does he worry about the dog next door? Do you struggle with a reactive dog who seems to be part rocket and part rock-head? Do you wish you knew how to keep your dog in the Think & Learn zone? Wonder how your dog can tell you when things are "just right" or beginning to be "not so good"? Wonder how to keep the drive and enthusiasm but also have some brakes and steering?

All trainers struggle with the wide range of training and behavior issues that have their origin in arousal, sensory stimulation and reactivity. Whether you're an old pro or a new trainer, you and your dog will benefit from Suzanne Clothier's approach to understanding arousal, reactivity, behavior and performance. Her Relationship Centered Approach is sensible, humane and effective.

This seminar will help all handlers deepen their understanding of arousal, reactivity, how dogs think & learn (or don't!) when aroused, perfect performance vs. perfect train wreck, and how to help their dogs be the best they can be.

  • Fear & anxiety & their effects on learning
  • The Elemental Questions ™
  • The Think & Learn zone ™
  • Putting it all together
  • Being the best handler & team-mate for your dog

This seminar will focus on understanding canine behavior, the nature of fear and anxiety, understanding aggression (including bite etiology). The role of stress, arousal, resilience and environmental factors are discussed. Attendees will learn about the specific Relationship Centered Training (RCT) techniques that are useful for fearful and reactive dogs:

  • In/Out of Safety Zones
  • Treat/Retreat
  • Use of the Stimulus Gradient
  • The Auto Check-In
  • Follow Me
  • Ghost Handling
  • Go Hunt

Attendees will learn to use these simple, effective techniques that help alter a dog's feeling about a situation, bring balance to the dog/human relationship without punishment or confrontation, and help the dog and handler develop new skills for a variety of situations. These RCT techniques are also useful & helpful for dogs without fear or reactivity.

NOTE: Seminars use lecture, videotape, and live demonstrations, and will be taught with great humor as well as compassion for people and dogs. Working dogs will be selected by Suzanne Clothier in advance. Please fill out and submit the Case History Form to be eligible.

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Year 2014
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