The Following Ghosts approach supports and depends on the relationship between dog and handler. These seminars provide eye-opening moments of understanding that will forever change how handlers see their dog.

The Following Ghosts approach is built on the understanding that long before we begin teaching them, dogs already know how to track, air-scent and trail, and they also know how to discriminate between scents. Our job as handlers is to help the dog do these things for us, in specific ways, in specific places, for specific reasons, while including the handler as part of the team.

The Following Ghosts approach is based in T.R.U.T.H.:

  • Trust in and respect for the dog's natural abilities
  • Relationship between dog and handler
  • Understanding of scent, terrain and track laying
  • Transitions and complexity to build skill
  • Handling to assist and support the dog

At a Following Ghosts tracking workshop, handlers learn how to:

  • develop their dog's tracking skills (duration, complexity, transitions, surfaces, commitment)
  • track almost anywhere, almost anytime — town or country, variable surfaces
  • read their individual dog's body language
  • lay tracks like an expert
  • "read" the terrain and scent conditions
  • use handling & equipment to support their dog

At the end of a one-day beginner's workshop, most students in any Following Ghosts workshop will be running a three legged track and often working on variable surfaces as well. All participants will have a better understanding of tracking, and working with their dog as a team.

LIMITED WORKING SPOTS AVAILABLE!! Auditors are expected to be active participants, laying tracks, assisting handlers and working with the group exercises.

Reactive dogs may not participate, but the handler is welcome to audit this event.

Auditing Spot: $175

John Rice's unique approach to tracking and scent work is ideal for beginners or advanced handlers, for experienced or novice dogs of any breed. His Search and Rescue K9 and police K9 background provides a deep understanding of the dog's innate abilities, and how dogs work with scent under a wide (and often wild) variety of conditions. He has a unique gift for reading scent conditions and anticipating what dogs will need to do to resolve any scent problem. This gift extends to teaching his students to be keen observers of their dogs and specific conditions, and to understand how scent works and affects the dogs.

Rice respects each dog as an individual. He believes in finding the best approach for that dog — no recipes or "one size fits all" plans. John's experience means he can work effectively with handlers and dogs at any level. These workshops are for any interested handler, and provide meaningful hands-on learning, with or without a dog.

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