Dogs in Four Part Harmony: A Seminar Series Weekend

HANOVER, MD  March 19-20, 2016

Dogs in Four Part Harmony is an information packed weekend with four mini-seminars, all blending together for a tremendous learning experience. There's nothing sweeter than the joyful harmony between you and your dog. Come learn to how to keep that song of connection clear and strong.


Start off your weekend with a look at Suzanne’s cutting edge temperament assessment tool, CARAT. If you wonder why one dog can’t get enough of chasing balls while another prefers to dive nose deep into good smells, CARAT has the answers as to what makes each dog unique.

  • What CARAT Can Do

  • Why Does He Do That? (or not);Preferences, challenges, talents & patterns

  • Dandelion or Orchid? Meeting your dog's needs

  • Matchmaking & Selection for Success

  • Wish you understood your dog better, or your student's dogs? Looking for the right dog for the job? Maybe that’s your next top performer, or a therapy dog for the elderly. Maybe you’re seeking your companion, or trying to decide which rescue or shelter dog is a good fit for your family. Perhaps you are the one trying to find a dog the best possible home. Or maybe you just want to understand the dogs in your life better.

    This exploration of CARAT will give you a new way to look at dogs, behavior and temperament. Come find out why the CARATeers say, “CARAT changes everything!” This morning workshop is the foundation for making the most of the other 3 workshops.



    Ever wonder why you hear a lot about Drive, but not enough about Park!? Suzanne has developed some terrific tools for helping dogs & handlers deal with impulse control, relaxation, and self control – all while keeping that important connection between handler & dog.

  • The Goldilocks Effect – too much? too little? just right?

  • Up, Down & All Around – what volitional postures tell you about your dog’s arousal, and how to set healthy & helpful limits

  • Now I Lay Me Down (All By Myself!) Suzanne’s amazingly easy & effective Really Real Relaxation Protocol

  • In the Driver’s Seat – giving the dog responsibility for his own arousal with win-win consequences for all

  • This workshop is ideal for those who are seeking humane, effective techniques to help dogs learn to turn it on and off. Instructors & trainers will find these “must-have additions” to their training toolbox.



    Did you hear the one about the 2 cats and a nun who walk past a dog? For some dogs, that’s not a joke. Many dogs & handlers struggle with distractions, which can be anywhere and everywhere. How do you train around and with distractions? This workshop focuses on:

  • “What the … Oh, Okay!” approach to thin slicing & making changes

  • Do You Hear/See/Smell That Too? understanding Sensory stimuli & the individual dog

  • Finding the Sweet Spot – How to balance intensity, duration & distance for any distraction

  • Here I Am – Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours! Using the power of the Auto-Check-in

  • Successful Set-ups – how to avoid training in the wild

  • Working through distractions is easier when you understand the many variables at work, and know how to put the power of connection to work for you and your dog.



    Suzanne’s elegant & effective technique for shy & fearful dogs has helped countless dogs around the world. While based in simple principles, Treat/Retreat does require skill to apply well. This technique can be used in class settings as well as at home & other settings. This workshop focuses on the specifics of using Treat/Retreat:

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T + – Respect, autonomy & safety

  • Treats Aren’t the Trick – Why the dog’s volunteered responses are the key

  • Inside the Black Box Using intrinsic motivation to help the dog learn how to resolve the ongoing puzzle of “what to do!?”

  • Progressions: Approach, Contact, Group, Postures & Movements From the first cookie to confident interactions

  • Suzanne’s Treat/Retreat builds confidence, social skills, provides handlers with a new understanding of their dog’s zones, and helps shy & fearful dogs make huge strides. A must-have skill for trainers, rescue/shelter or vet staff, and for anyone who care for dogs who find people scary.

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