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February 22, 2017
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February 22, 2017

SYSTEM SAVER: Good Things from Good People

Today, I had a most delightful conversation with Judy Baker of SYSTEM SAVER. For several years now we’ve been using and recommending wholeheartedly this wonderful product, and can’t say enough good things about it. It’s one of those wonderful deals in life where good people produce good things that do good work.

System Saver made a life & death difference for our dear donkey Shrimp (sent home in Dec 2006 to “die at home” by Cornell – they did all they could, but had nothing left to offer her).

This great product has helped so many animals here at the farm. (Maybe Judy would like to buy advertising space on our barn roof) We use it all the time in the barn, which also could be accurately labeled as an Equine Nursing Home:

  • 28 year old donkeys Shrimp (Cushings, cancer) and Freaky Deaky (arthritic)
  • 26 year old horse Eagle (heaves, which is a horse version of asthma, kind of…)
  • soon to be 35 year old horse Joey (an old body and darn few teeth!)
  • 6 year old Gloucestershire Old Spots cross (big!) pig Professor Spot (arthritis)

How well does it all work for these guys? Well, this fall, one of our large animal vets drove in with a student in tow, asking if she could show the student around our barn. My husband was bemused to overhear the vet pointing out the donkeys with the comment “Well, they should have been dead years ago.” And pointing to Joey, “He’s ancient but you’d never know it – looks great!” And re: Spot, well, he’s the oldest pig in their practice that’s not a pot belly. Eagle went from being close to needing inhalers and steroids to being beautifully controlled with good management and System Saver, and occasional medication in bad weather.

Dogs – well of course we use it on the dogs who need it. Arthritis and old age being the two main reasons. We used to use a glucosamine/chondroitin formula, with nice effect, but since using System Saver, no longer use that other product.

Our friend Wendy Herkert turned us on to this great product (she knows many wonderful things and is kind enough to share with us), and we’ve never felt so strongly about anything. Strongly enough that when System Saver was having trouble with their website, I offered a bit of space here at Flying Dog Press to keep a few pages for them.

But today, I’m tickled pink to steer you all to the NEW and beautiful SYSTEM SAVER website. Now this great product which can do so much for so many animals has a website which reflects the quality, the intelligence, the dedication and the love that goes into System Saver. (And as a fun kick I did not know about until today, the website was designed by a friend of mine who got involved before she knew it was SS, a product I’d turned her on to and that she uses herself and for her dogs — small, wonderful world!)

Give it a try – your animals will thank you. Be sure to tell Judy at System Saver that Suzanne sent you!

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“SYSTEM SAVER: Good Things from Good People” by Suzanne Clothier