Animal Training Methods 2017 Conference

Suzanne will be speaking at the 2017 Animal Training Methods Conference, organized by the Polish Ethological Society.

IF/THEN: SOLUTIONS IN DOG TRAINING is an exciting new approach from Suzanne Clothier, designed to help trainers at any skill level.

IF/THEN may be used with any training methodology or over-arching philosophy, whether the goal is a pleasant companion to high level working or performance goals. IF/THEN was created to guide trainers through the complex decision making process involved in approaching the dog comprehensively.

IF/THEN uses a series of flow charts and assessments to help trainers can identify the specifics of any individual dog, situation or training/behavior issue, and guide selection of the appropriate choices for building, improving & strengthening behavior. This is a dynamic approach that works with what I call “the ethology of the  individual(TM)” as it is highly responsive to the specific dog, handler and/or situation.


Nov 18 2017 - Nov 19 2017


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw, Poland


Polish Ethological Society