NY – Advanced Trainers’ Workshop

2018 IS an Advanced Trainers’ Workshop year! Dates: August 25-29 (Sat-Wed)  This is only held every other year, unlike the annual June workshop.  CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION FORM

As always, August is both looser and more intense than the June workshop. Because all have a good grasp of RCT basics, we can branch out and do more hands-on or experimental work. Because we kind of all know each other a bit, we can also relax a bit more, share more freely, and try out loud, so to speak.

Ideas in the works:

  • Trail manners – how to set up handler & dog for success with carefully orchestrated practice on real trails! We may call for clients with this need and/or work with dogs present.
  • Train a critter – your choice of our farm animals. Probably will stick to the donkeys, horses & maybe the chickens, torts & parrots. The pigs are getting a bit elderly and in the heat are often reluctant playmates. We’d like to set up some training goals for the 5 days for each animal. Silly tricks or serious skills – who knows! Also contemplating using food puzzle rewards.
  • Scent work & tracking with John, maybe some scent discrimination games and Search & Rescue games (like Dress A Dummy)
  • CCC – if you don’t know about Connection, Cooperation & Control, it’s a great addition to any trainer’s toolbox
  • Treiball – let’s see if we can get some dogs started on this fun activity (anyone skilled at this already?)
  • Quiet walks with dogs & friends
  • Something crafty to let us play in non-doggy ways for a while (but for those who remember Zentangle lady, she will NOT be back!)
It’s set up for 5 days to accommodate those who really want to relax but also dive deep into working on something for a sustained period. June tries to provide a wealth of info, but not being able to practice and refine can be frustrating. August allows us to split into groups intent on working on Z while others focus on Y, and others just go lay in the hay field with their dog and watch clouds. All good.

Come for 3 days, or 4, or all 5. Good food, great conversation, and of course, dogs, the farm and a break from real life.  $1300 for 3 days; $1500 for 4 days; $1600 for 5 days.


Aug 25 2018 - Aug 29 2018


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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St. Johnsville, NY
St. Johnsville, NY