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Discover the many ways that your RCT Membership will keep you motivated, inspired and learning all year long!

RCT Membership is for the thinking trainer who is passionate about dogs.

Searching for a way to blend science and heart in your life with dogs?
Want new ways to see dogs and understand them more deeply?
Do you value force-free, humane and practical training?

An RCT Membership is ideal for anyone who wants to be inspired and informed.

Learn from a trainer of trainers

Suzanne’s teaching style is engaging, focused, and compassionate for dog and handler. Direct and clear, she is an engaging speaker who is clearly passionate about helping dogs and the people who love them. Her knack for analogies helps make complex topics easily understood, with the capacity to dive deep into details. Her sense of humor makes learning enjoyable and memorable. Deeply invested in her students’ learning, her generosity is unequaled for answering questions until there aren’t any more at that moment. Her lifetime of experience with dogs is reflected in the unparalleled breadth of her knowledge about dogs – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Your RCT Membership gives you access to information, materials and to events with Suzanne.

What’s Included?

Included with your membership:

  • Member Video Library On-demand streaming of recorded webinars and seminars. Access an amazing breadth of topics of previously recorded webinars and seminars any time. Silver members have more than 40 hours of video, and Gold members enjoy 65+ hours
  • Discounts Members get discounted pricing on all of our streaming content, books, DVDs, digital downloads, training games & materials, our Quality of Connection fine leather leads, merchandise and select courses.
  • One-on-One Consultations Work directly with Suzanne at a special members only price
  • First Dibs Offers Enjoy advance notice of webinars and other events as well as new products so you can grab limited Pre-sale or Early Bird Dog pricing. Please note you cannot use your membership discount on Early Bird Dog pricing — select one or the other, whichever works best for you.,
  • Free online courses Really Real Relaxation Quick Course, and The Auto Check-in are included, access these key RCT technique courses any time.

Find a detailed list of all the contents here.

Bonus for Gold Members

  • New webinars will be added to your Gold Member Library 30 days after they are presented live

New content added regularly to keep you inspired and learning from Suzanne and others. We know that the learning journey never ends! Our passion is sharing with you what we learn and discover.

Is Silver Membership right for you?

The Silver membership is perfect for new members wanting to explore everything that Suzanne has to offer!

  • Are you excited about learning how Suzanne’s blend of science and heart can help you create mutually rewarding relationships?
  • Do you want new ways to understand your dog and your relationship?
  • Do you want to be the best possible partner for your dog?
  • Do you want humane, practical and effective techniques that support the relationship?
  • Would you enjoy being part of a supportive and inspiring community of like-minded people from around the world?

Is Gold Membership right for you?

The Gold membership is ideal for anyone who wants more, more, more from Suzanne and RCT.

  • Are you an experienced trainer who wants innovative techniques, advanced skills & in-depth information?
  • Are you seeking the knowledge, skills and tools to help your clients[students] and their dogs?
  • Do you want the webinars hosted by Suzanne included in your membership?
  • Are you excited about learning how Suzanne’s blend of science and heart can help you create mutually rewarding relationships?
  • Do you want a steady flow of ideas, a network of like-minded trainers, and content that will motivate and inspire you?

Two membership levels – Silver and Gold – are available. No long term commitments or contracts needed. Should your situation change, you can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. See our Membership Terms & Conditions for specifics.

In addition to the extensive “yep, it’s included!” membership features, you’ll enjoy discounts on:

  • New webinars scheduled throughout the year
  • Products & merchandise (including our famous Quality of Connection fine leashes)
  • One-on-one consultations with Suzanne Clothier, John Rice & others
  • Select online courses  Please note you cannot use your membership discount on Early Bird Dog pricing — select one or the other, whichever works best for you.
  • Live and online events

All of this makes your RCT membership an exceptional value, and quite simply one of the best deals in the dog training world.

Will I get access to Suzanne?

Yes, through the magic of the internet you can join her on the Discussion board.  Gold Members will get invitations to join bi-monthly Q&A sessions throughout the year.

I'm not a professional trainer but I love learning about dogs. Will this be too advanced for me?

Here’s something we hear a lot: “Oh, I wish I’d known this when I was starting out!” Suzanne’s sensible, kind and practical approach helps even first time owners and beginning trainers build better relationships and deeper understanding. Her teaching style is well known for making complex information easily understood, and her RCT techniques provide a solid foundation for any handler and dog.

I'm an experienced trainer – will my RCT Membership provide me with new ideas or techniques?

Despite long experience or multiple certifications, many trainers feel like something is still missing. Suzanne’s pioneering work provides paradigm shifts and radical frameworks for understanding the dog/human relationship with her unique blend of science and heart. Most often heard from long time pros when they encounter RCT: “This is what I was looking for – this is the missing piece.”

Will new material be added?

One thing you can count on is that Suzanne and her colleagues are always creating new material, so new courses, materials and events will continue to be added to what’s available. And we’ve been listening to what you have told us you want from Suzanne and others – our to-do list is a big one!

Do you require a contract?

No contract necessary. Choose your plan, Silver or Gold, and your payment option – monthly payments or the savings of an annual one-time payment. You can also easily upgrade or downgrade, or even switch your payment plan, right from your dashboard in just a few clicks. If you need to cancel, this is also easily done.

You are responsible for monitoring your account. You will receive notifications before your renewal payment will be due.  These are automatically generated. If you wish to cancel your account, that should be done prior to your membership fees being charged. If your payment has already been made but you wish to cancel your membership, we will provide a refund of the fees paid minus a 15% processing charge.

Can I share my subscription with my friends or co-workers?

No, each subscription is intended for an individual’s usage. If you’d like to have one account that can be shared, please contact us for details on an Organization Subscription. This is a terrific way to give employees, volunteers and others in your organization the same access to the amazing content. Cost effective, an Organization Subscription helps you keep everyone up to date with information and skills.

What exactly are GOLD Members Getting?

You can find a full list of content and benefits here.

What exactly are SILVER members getting?

You can find a full list of content and benefits here.

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