Suzanne Clothier's Past Seminars

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Below is a list of past seminars that Suzanne has presented as a speaker. You can find a list of upcoming seminars here.

What attendees are saying

I have found every seminar that I have attended to be amazing. Each one with its own "aha!" moment CARAT - understanding each animal for who s/he is and hearing what each animal is telling you about how the world is for them

Ange H

Sydney, Australia
I like the personal connections that Suzanne makes between her audience and her own experiences.

Sue A.

Guelph, Ontario
Every seminar I've attended, there is information to take home and apply. More than "techniques" - its watching her "watch" the dog and explaining what she sees, then how to work with what is in front of her.

Beth M.

Carrollton, TX