RCT Starter Bundle

RCT Starter Bundle

This bundle not only saves you $16, it adds value by providing a more in-depth training experience. The RCT Starter Bundle includes two books and a DVD:

  • Bones Would Rain from the Sky
  • The Connection Collection
  • Intro to RCT DVD




    For anyone new to Suzanne’s Relationship Centered Training (RCT) approach, this bundle is the perfect starter kit!

    The RCT Starter Bundle includes:

    • Bones Would Rain from the Sky – the classic that has touched so many lives (reg $16.00)
    • The Connection Collection – an accessible, enjoyable journey through RCT fundamentals (reg $20.00)
    • Intro to RCT – a half-day seminar with Suzanne taking an in-depth look at what RCT means (reg $40.00)

    What a great gift for yourself, or for someone seeking a deeper relationship with their dog.

    Purchased individually, this would cost you $76. Save when you buy this bundle of ALL THREE for just $60.00.