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February 13, 2017
Real time
July 31, 2017

The puppies are here!

Newborn puppies

8 pupppies – birthday!

Our lovely young dog Cassie (Hawks Hunt’s Redwing) delivered 8 beautiful pups on Sunday morning, June 25. While we wish her c-section had not been necessary, we are grateful to the skilled professionals at Harmony Vet Clinic who moved quickly to make sure Cassie and her pups sailed through in great shape. Now the work of puppy raising using my Enriched Puppy Protocol will fill the next 9 weeks. Come along for the adventures!

There are 5 males (4 sables, 1 black & tan), and 3 females (all sable). For the first time ever, these pups had so little differentiating them that we had to use nail polish dots to keep them identified. It is so important during the first week or two to weigh them daily, and track that they are gaining weight and doing well.

Once the anesthesia fog lifted, Cassie carried on with the tradition of all moms here at Hawks Hunt Farm – just brilliant, natural and relaxed about taking care of the kids. She looks like she has done this many times. Genetics matter, on all levels. These pups are generation #9 for our breeding program. We’re pleased to say that we have 5 generations represented in the house – the pups, their mother Cassie, grandmother Flicker, great-grandma Spider, and grand-aunt Mila, and great-great-granduncles Monk & Stone. Sadly, we lost great-great grandma Rain in 2015.

We’ll be photographing & filming this litter daily so stay tuned for regular updates!

PS Thanks 63 days later to stud dog, Yogi (Hawks Hunt’s Natural Bridge) for his fine work and contributions to the party. This is our 3rd Yogi litter, and he does produce wonderful pups.