Suzanne Clothier’s work is appreciated by a wide range of dog lovers around the world. Hear what they have to say about her and Relationship Centered Training.

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Here are some of the things our lovely customers have been saying about Suzanne in US and internationally:

Suzanne is my go-to for practical, real world training

I’ve hosted Suzanne’s seminars for many years. Super easy to work with, she is very professional. Attendees love her humor and how she connects with each one of them. Many keep coming back for more every time she’s in the area. Suzanne is my go-to for practical, real world training without gimmicks and fluff. Highly recommended!

Cindy Knowlton, See Spot Grin, Glenwood, MD

A Suzanne Clothier seminar is must-have experience for all dog lovers.

Suzanne Clothier is the best. She has been a regular present at For Your K9 for nearly two decades. Her knowledge about everything dog with her quick wit makes any Suzanne Clothier Seminar a wonderful experience of learning and laughing. After her first visit many years ago, we revamped our training program to incorporate Suzanne’s teachings and now For Your K9 is known for solving behavior issues and great training in our area. A Suzanne Clothier seminar is must-have experience for all dog lovers.

Nancy Reyes, For Your K9, Chicago, IL

Inspirational, engaging and thought-provoking

I first met Suzanne through her insightful, wonderful book Bones Would Rain From The Sky. The book alone had me hooked and I wanted to meet this amazing author in person. I was delighted to host her for a series of 4 seminars in the UK. She didn’t disappoint! The woman that I met through the pages of her book, was even more inspirational in person and was an engaging and thought-provoking speaker. Suzanne is a consummate professional and delivered a world-class service for the lucky people who were able to attend. She had our audience spellbound from the beginning, right through to the end. I can’t wait to have you come back again!

Gemma Fisher, Fisher Fix Dogs, UK

Evidence-informed, master of creativity

Suzanne Clothier is an excellent speaker. Her work is evidence-informed from both empirical literature and case studies. She has great rapport with the audience speaking from her head and heart – grounding her work in stories that are funny and breathtaking. She is a master of creativity and communication with her animal partners. Suzanne is a “go-to” expert in the field.

Dr. Jean Larson, University of Minnesota, Nature Based Therapeutics Programs

I see dog behavior more clearly

Suzanne Clothier is brilliant in her understanding of dogs (and other species), and she uses her knowledge creatively to help people be successful in their work to improve their lives with their dogs. After learning from Suzanne, I see dog behavior more clearly. I am able to interact with dogs more effectively – for both the dog and for me. My dogs and the dogs I work with are grateful to Suzanne for giving them a partner who respects their point of view.

Teaches you to listen to your dog

Suzanne doesn’t provide quick fixes. Rather she helps you a healthy positive relationship between you and your dog. She teaches you to listen to your dog so that he or she can listen to you.

Her teachings have long been my training heart and soul

Suzanne and her teachings have long been my training heart and soul. By articulating relationship based/centered training as the core of every interaction with my own dogs as well as my client’s dogs, Suzanne has helped hundreds of dogs in my orbit lead happier and safer lives.

She has taught me to see my dog

I purchased a puppy from Suzanne so she was well socialized and acclimated when I got her. However, she was a very intelligent pup and I was only a moderate owner/trainer. Suzanne’s teaching helped me shape her training so she never lost her faith and trust in me. Today she listens to me because she wants to not because I demand her to. I have owned many dogs but never had a true relationship such as I have with this dog because of Suzanne’s teaching and guidance. She has taught me to see my dog.

Hanna Siemering, DVM

Watching Suzanne work with a dog is invaluable

Watching Suzanne work with a dog is invaluable. I’ve owned three dogs bred by Suzanne, and benefitted from her guidance every step of the way. Still so much to learn. She teaches more in casually dropped observations than others manage in whole books. The three most critical bits I’ve garnered have all been had this way. 1. “Forever” is 16 minutes. Patience. Wait for it. Wait it out. Time your marker. 2. Don’t lie to your dog. A smack in the head moment. If you’re teaching that “this means “that”, be sure to deliver “that.” 3. Dogs are always asking questions. And always answering questions. All the time. Try some stillness, and learn to see and hear what their half of the conversation is. Treat both their questions and their answers respectfully. They are valid. Three little pearls, had in casual conversation, and they were total game changers. So listen carefully. And, if you can, watch her work a dog. It’s all there.

Ginny Palmieri, NJ

Her focus on relationship changed everything for me

I have been working with dogs in the rescue environment, the therapy dog environment, and the service dog environment for many years. Suzanne is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with and learned from. She has taught me to see the dogs I work with clearly, objectively, and humanely. Her techniques are brilliant, so filled with insight, so fair to the dog. Her focus on the relationship between two-legged and four-legged changed everything for me. I owe much of my success with the animals I work with to her gentle guiding hands.

Reads and understands dogs better than anyone I've ever known

After taking several seminars/workshops with Suzanne, I believe she can read and understand dogs better than anyone I’ve ever known. So when my Silken Windhound (who was age 6 when adopted from a breeder) showed significant fear of certain floorings, I knew who to consult. Suzanne worked from video of my dog and gave me suggestions about the cause of the problem and recommendations on how to help her. After following Suzanne’s advice, my dog has made great progress. She will now walk across floors that she previously avoided entirely. I’m so glad we were able to help my girl address her physical issues, release some of her fears/stresses, and have a better life. Thanks Suzanne! You’re the best.

Respectful, brilliant, compassionate, hilarious - always listens very carefully

When I think about Suzanne Clothier – many words come to mind: honest, respectful, brilliant, compassionate, inclusive, fair, empathetic, spontaneous, hilarious, serious, thought provoking and interactive. At one of Suzanne’s seminars, a very talented trainer turned to me and whispered, “Suzanne knows EVERYTHING!” I immediately thought, “Well, that’s ridiculous. No one knows everything.” But – as the years passed (I have known Suzanne for more than 30 years), that statement appeared to be true, as Suzanne solved the many and varied problems (both very large and relatively small) I have encountered along the way – with several different dogs. I will add one thing to the statement: “Suzanne knows everything!” She knows everything – but – in addition (and I think, more importantly) , she always listens very carefully to what a owner/ handler/ trainer has to say – takes the time to reflect – and never resorts to delivering a cookie cutter response.

Wendy K, NY

Her approach makes a lot of common sense

I have had in person training, attended seminars, read numerous wise articles and books/pamphlets written by Suzanne, and watched several of her CDs. This all began years ago with my first two Golden retrievers. I have thorough admiration and respect for Suzanne’s expertise and relationship centered training approach. She really has helped me and my dogs form a closer bond, and learn to read each other, thinking about what might be going on in the moment, for both of us. Her approach really makes a lot of common sense when one really sees their dog and the effect your own action or inaction may have in communicating with them. I have endeavored to employ Suzanne’s recommendations which have resulted in benefits for me and my dog in many situations we encounter or with goals we want to achieve.

We could both be our honest selves together

Suzanne’s book, Bones Would Rain From the Sky, touched me because my dog at the time was a more aloof sort and I wondered what I could do to connect with her best and be sure her stoicness was just who she was and not a deficiency on my end of the line. When my next dog came along, a much more complicated, finely tuned soul, I had increased doubts about my ability to read and understand and believe him. I was able to bring him to see Suzanne at her farm and learn from her how to really see him, understand and believe him and then what to do with that information. Suzanne’s guidance built my confidence that I really can read my dog accurately and helpfully, see him as the complex individual he was and build a life for him that acknowledged his demons, but didn’t allow them to run roughshod all over our relationship or his place in our family, and promoted the activities and ways he felt comfortable, loved and safe so we could both be our honest selves together and best love each other.

Dovetails well with what I learned from KPA

I am a Karen Pryor Academy Professionals (KPA) graduate. What I learn from Suzanne dovetails well into what I have learned from KPA. KPA is about training. That can’t even start until you understand the animal in front of you. That is where Suzanne comes in. I have been blessed to be able to learn from both!

She creates a space in which thinking and learning can occur

See the dog: The simple phrase sums up the respect that Suzanne Clothier brings to her work with animals and their people. Rather than diving in and DOING with a pre-fixed agenda in mind, she observes, listens, and engages thoughtfully with all members of the human-animal team. The relationship is it at the heart of her work, and by helping her clients, students, and seminar participants learn to ask this, and her other elemental questions, meaningfully, she creates a space in which thinking and learning can occur.

Incredible wealth of knowledge

Suzanne has a incredible wealth of knowledge and is able to communicate in such a clear and insightful way. You will leave her knowing much more than when you started, but with an intense curiosity to learn more too!

Her generosity of time and knowledge are unparalleled

Suzanne’s willingness to offer private consultations is HUGE to me; there are no words. Her generosity of her time and knowledge are unparalleled. I will continue to be a student of Suzanne’s for as long as she is willing to teach.

We are building a great relationship!

Suzanne’s skillful eye evaluated my rescued dog, Marty, and showed me exactly what skills he needed to become a confident, happy partner. Our in-person session was targeted to our specific needs; webinars and reading let us keep learning on our own. Thanks to Suzanne, Marty and I learned a lot and are building a great relationship.

Success of our guide dog program enhanced beyond ever imagining

Suzanne changed forever our early puppy program forever. Our puppies are leaving the breeding center far more equipped and ready to head out in to the world with our volunteers better then every! Our success of our program has been enhanced beyond ever imagining.

Yvonne Martin, Director Programs, Guide Dogs of America, Sylmar, CA