November 5, 2017
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December 17, 2017



Add more fun to your training with this great bundle, and save $$ too!

RCT Training Games


Connection Course Cards


Start Bones


Add more fun to your training with this great bundle! Two great products plus a FREE bonus!

You get:

  • RCT Training Games – Reg. $44.95 24 games to build real skills. Each game can be played at 5 different levels. Ideal for mixed skill classes. Easy to use game cards plus Instructor Guide. Build an entire easy-to-fill weekly Games Class with these.
  • Connection Course Cards – Reg. $160.00 the full set of Level 1, 2 & 3 cards, ready to use. Heavy duty lamination means you can use these for years to come. Use your creativity to create challenges for dog/handler teams as they learn to keep their connection even while negotiating from one card to the next. Some trainers are building drop-in classes built on just these cards – suitable for just about any dog and handler. NOTE: There are NO step-by-step instructions for using these cards. You need to use your creativity, imagination & training skills!
  • 5 Start Bones – These light, bone shaped vinyl mats provide a clear starting point for any course or game. Start Bones remind students to check – Is their dog in the Think & Learn Zone? Are they connected? GO!  FREE with this bundle

SAVE when you buy the bundle for just $175.00. Purchased separately, this bundle is worth $214.95!