Consultations with Suzanne

Consultations with Suzanne

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Suzanne’s expertise – yours for an hour! Pick her brain and tackle any topic from behavior issues to puppy rearing, training challenges, management planning, shy/fearful dogs, reactive dogs, aggression, adolescents (!), canine movement, multiple dog households, breeding, instructing, etc.

Suzanne is here to help you help your dog. Her practical experience and creativity make her your best coach, available no matter where you are in the world. Find out why so many people – including other professional trainers – turn to her for practical and effective training, and a deeper understanding of their dogs.




    Do you wish you could ask an expert trainer about your dog?

    Suzanne is here to help you help your dog. Her practical experience and creativity make her your best coach.

    Tackle any topic from puppy rearing to behavior issues, training challenges, management planning, shy/fearful dogs, reactive dogs, aggression, adolescents (!), movement, multiple dog households, etc.

    Find out why so many people – including dog training professionals – turn to her for practical and effective training, and a deeper understanding of their dogs.

    60 minute consultation, scheduled promptly at your convenience weekday, week nights or even weekends.

    ZOOM video conferencing allows us to share video, documents, and see each other during the consultation, allowing for real-time feedback from Suzanne, so you can leverage her exceptional observation skills to help you understand your dog better.

    • 60 minute consultation (share with a friend, family member or even your trainer/instructor)
    • Recording of the consultation provided to you to download for your files & reference
    • Follow-up email with specifics of recommendations, products discussed, professionals referenced, and all else to help you and your dog begin to implement Suzanne’s recommendations

    Once payment has been received, you will receive an email to set up an appointment. Suzanne will schedule your consultation at the earliest possible date.

    NOTE: Payments are non-refundable. If a consultation needs to be rescheduled, the payment will be applied to the rescheduled consultation date.

    7 reviews for Consultations with Suzanne

    1. Gail and Judy, AZ

      “Suzanne gave us multiple methods of dealing with our dog’s anxiety and whining. After our zoom call, she sent us notes, gave us articles to review, games to play and products that might be helpful. We learned a lot about our anxious little rescue that has already begun to help us.”

    2. S. Loftus, Psy. D.

      Suzanne draws upon a wealth of learning and research, and staying very current to provide the best help possible. She works to find a common language with both the dog and owner. The changes and progress in my dog, have been transformative. We have better tools to communicate with each other, and for her to feel safe so she doesn’t need to resort to using her teeth to let me know when she feels anxious or threatened. Her assessment of my dog, her potential and the state of our current relationship was validating. As a result, I have been less anxious with my dog, which in turn has helped her be the best dog she can be. I could not be happier with the progress we are making together thanks to Suzanne’s suggestions.

    3. Elyse, Portland, OR

      I had a demonstration/working slot with Suzanne and I did private phone consultation and follow up videos. I have also watched several webinars. Suzanne is wonderful with dogs and their people. She is extremely observant, gives great feedback and suggestions to try if you are working on a problem or just want to enhance your training. I love her relationship centered training philosophy. I feel no matter what other training you may be doing with your dog including training from Suzanne in what ever form work for you is extremely worthwhile.

    4. Cindy Benson, KPA, CTP

      Working with Suzanne has profoundly changed my ability to access the needs of the individual dog, or pup, in front of me. I raise Maremmas. These dogs guard livestock. Understanding what life situations to put them in, or not, can save their lives. I have many of these dogs employed here at the ranch, in addition to the pups we raise. Through my education with Suzanne I have been able to pay it forward through the LGD community, through education, where “training” of the dogs is not often thought of. The dogs are bred to do the work, right? Learning from Suzanne has allowed me to integrate the new knowledge within the specialty of LGDs, and to share it with others. My work with Suzanne has saved dogs’ lives – I know it in my bones. Understanding the character of the dog as an individual, the “ethology” of the individual, is key to knowing how to advocate for that animal. I will continue as Suzanne’s student – there is much to learn!

    5. Diane Molinaro

      Suzanne has the unique ability to communicate the motivation for a dogs behavior into basic concepts. Thereby providing the owner the skills to carry on with training. Whether the training is for a new pup or to correct an unwanted behavior in an older dog.

    6. Rebecca D., Montpelier VT

      Suzanne doesn’t provide quick fixes. Rather she helps you a heathy positive relationship between you and your dog. She teaches you to listen to your dog so that he or she can listen to you.

    7. Dawn Rager

      Suzanne responded promptly to our request for an online consult, and she was well-prepared with a thorough knowledge of our case history when we met. In the 1-hour online meeting, Suzanne provided us with greater insight into our dogs’ behaviors (we have a multi-dog household) as well as practical advice (e.g., suggestions for training, modifying the environment, exploring potential diet and health issues) that has already been helpful in improving the quality of life for our dogs and for us. In her (also prompt) follow-up email, Suzanne provided us with many additional resources. I was especially appreciative of Suzanne’s holistic approach in that she encouraged us to consider how factors ranging from diet and health to environment and experience could potentially be impacting our dogs’ behavior, and the resources that she provided in her follow-up email will enable us to learn more about all of these. Although I am not a professional dog trainer (we dabble in dog companion events such as agility), I also signed up for a membership to Suzanne’s website and am looking forward to learning more about how to improve my relationship with my dogs.

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