Scent Games for your Dog

Scent Games for your Dog

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This FREE course is a great way to educate your dogs nose.

Why teach scent games?

  • Easy & fun for dogs of any age
  • No need for specialized equipment or classes
  • Stimulates your dog’s brain in healthy ways
  • Builds confidence – who doesn’t like being a genius?
  • Excellent for older dogs or those with physical limitations
  • Great way to provide a mental workout that is suitable even for pups

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Your dog lives in a world rich with scents — and he has the astonishing olfactory powers to understand that world. For many dogs, using their noses is pure joy. You’ve probably noticed that out on walks or any time you take your dog somewhere new. Teaching scent games takes things to a whole new level. Your dog learns to be an “educated nose”, working with you in ways that help build confidence, bring joy to your relationship, and provide meaningful enrichment for your dog’s mind.

Once your dog has mastered these games any formal scent discrimination exercise becomes a snap for that educated nose. Furthermore, you will understand just how discriminating a dog’s nose can be, and that your best bet is to trust your dog.

This course is free for everyone.

NOTE: This product is purchased through Thinkific. When you click to purchase, a new window will open for that site, where you will need to create a Thinkific account to complete the purchase.

12 reviews for Scent Games for your Dog

  1. Dr. Shlomit Harrosh

    Lovely way of enriching a dog’s life and the relationship with his/her human. Thank you!

  2. Erica Slomka

    These games really get your dog to think through a problem. Confidence building and builds a great bond. Highly recommend!

  3. Jill Petro

    My dog is starting to have old age related movement issues, so playing our games of bumpers or chuck-it balls or long swims no longer works for him. This course reminded me that there are many other games he can still play that will keep our relationship strong and keep his mind engaged. Each game is written to easily understand (a) why the game is important, (b) the basic level game steps, and (c) how to increase the difficulty when ready. Can’t wait to get started!

  4. Jane Beauchamp

    As a trainer, I find that more and more I want to encourage clients to have fun with their dogs doing some kind of nose-work. This course is a great way for them to get started.

  5. Art Lopatin

    This course is a great way to get started in scent-work. The instructions are very simple and very clear. iMO, whatever direction you want to go w/your scentwork, this is a great way to begin. Thanks for making this freely available.

  6. Wendy Kailis

    Lots of great ideas for games with my dog’s super nose in mind. Also – presented in a clear way – where we can progress from easy to more challenging. Another ” home run” – thanks Suzanne!

  7. Jeanne Van Dersal

    It was a good overall course as an intro to scent games. Very detailed and easy to follow.

  8. Margaret Legg

    Great ideas. Useful for Nosework, too. Handler discrimination tasks and can combine with scented objects too.

  9. Tricia Jacobs

    Thank you for posting Scent Games for Your Dog. There are so many good ideas in this course. We can’t wait to try them out!

  10. Camille Asmer

    I enjoyed reading through her scent games. I’m happy to have taken away some great ideas for enriching my dogs’ lives and my client dogs too!

  11. Melanie Parker

    Simple, practical ideas that are great fun!

    I really enjoyed these scent games. They were all easy to set up, simple to complete, you don’t need lots of equipment and some of them can easily be played in different places. A great way to get your dog “working”. Also lots of tips for how to increase the difficulty of each game. My dog loved them.

  12. Selina Gan

    Great ideas for shelter dogs!

    Loved this easy to follow scent games course. I am always looking for new games to play with our shelter dogs

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