Fruits & Veggies Training Game – Mind Your Peas & Cues

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Fruits & Veggies Training Game – Mind Your Peas & Cues

IDEAL FOR Trainers * Training Clubs * 4-H & Youth Groups * Workshops * Classes * Club Meetings * Demonstrations * with New Owners * Anyone interested in experiencing the challenges of being trained, and training * Setting training challenges to keep trainers sharp * Building your training skills


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    Fruits & Veggies is a hilarious yet serious training game that gives people an experience of being trained and being the trainer. The tasks are simple, every day human actions. So what’s the catch? Aside from the partner’s name, the only words that can be used are the names of fruits and vegetables.

    Is PEACH praise or the cue? Body language, tone of voice, timing and consistency all add up to make it all as obvious as TURNIPS for your partner.

    Developed by Suzanne Clothier back in the early 1990s, Fruits & Veggies was designed to give players a experience that includes some of the challenges and frustrations our animals face as we train them. Including having no idea what words or gestures may mean!

    While similar to the training games often played by clicker trainers, Fruits & Veggies adds a very realistic twist: there are no pre-agreed markers or signals that means that the partner is right. All communications need to be either the partner’s name, or the name of a fruit or vegetable. It is up to the trainer to make RUTABAGA or KIWI or PEAS, etc. meaningful.

    This Rule of Rules plus a few other simple rules create limits of understanding similar to those that our animals face. The rules (provided) help players experiment and learn rather than lean on the very human tendency to cheat by using familiar techniques and our words.

    FRUITS & VEGGIES TRAINING GAME is perfect for anyone working with any animal, from fish to farm animals, two legged, four legged, finned, feather or furred.

    Each FRUITS & VEGGIES box contains:

    • Full color deck of 30 training cards – each card has 3 simple human behaviors
    • 18 Challenge Cards*
    • Instructions on how to play Fruits & Veggies

    *Challenge cards have a specific challenge such, “Afraid of women in blue shirts.” Challenge cards are kept secret, not shared with a partner. The challenge will affect the cardholder only when they are the one being trained.

    TO PLAY: 2 person teams. One person gets a BLUE card, their partner gets a GREEN card. BLUE and GREEN cards have different sets of behaviors with no overlap. Each card lists 3 simple human behaviors that most people can do without difficulty. Note: these are not dog behaviors!


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