TRAINING FUN BUNDLE – Digital Download

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TRAINING FUN BUNDLE – Digital Download

Add more fun to your training with this trio of digital downloads, and save $$ too!

RCT Training Games


Connection Course Cards


Fruits & Veggies Training Game




    Add more fun to your training with this great bundle of three great products designed with trainers in mind.

    These are digital products. You must print them out!

    You get:

    • RCT Training Games – Reg. $44.95 24 games to build real skills. Each game can be played at 5 different levels. Ideal for mixed skill classes. Easy to use game cards plus Instructor Guide. Build an entire easy-to-fill weekly Games Class with these.
    • Connection Course Cards – Reg. $160.00 the full set of Level 1, 2 & 3 cards, ready to use. Heavy duty lamination means you can use these for years to come. Use your creativity to create challenges for dog/handler teams as they learn to keep their connection even while negotiating from one card to the next. Some trainers are building drop-in classes built on just these cards – suitable for just about any dog and handler. NOTE: There are NO step-by-step instructions for using these cards. You need to use your creativity, imagination & training skills.
    • Fruits & Veggies Training Game – Reg $19.95 Fruits & Veggies is a hilarious yet serious training game that gives people an experience of being trained and being the trainer. The tasks are simple, every day human actions. So what’s the catch? Aside from the partner’s name, the only words that can be used are the names of fruits and vegetables. Is PEACH praise or the cue? Body language, tone of voice, timing and consistency all add up to make it all as obvious as TURNIPS for your partner. Developed by Suzanne Clothier back in the early 1990s, Fruits & Veggies was designed to give players a experience that includes some of the challenges and frustrations our animals face as we train them.

    SAVE when you buy the bundle for just $140 — regularly $159.00 !


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