Like all our leads, the DOUBLE is hand crafted by John Rice from top quality English bridle leathers. Created with attention to detail, these leads are beautiful to the touch. A handful of quality!

Designed to help trainers use head halters  and body harnesses with subtlety & skill. The DOUBLE helps handlers stay safely in control, while also remaining aware & soft in their handling. Two different widths make it easy to feel which end you are activating.




Designed to help trainers use head halters or harnesses with subtlety & skill, the DOUBLE helps handlers stay safely in control, while also remaining aware & soft in their handling.

For Use with Head Halters – Overall length 8-9′

A lightweight snap attaches to head halter. This end of the lead is used for subtle signals and mild guidance with the head halter.

A heavier snap attaches to the collar (or harness). The stronger end of the lead should serve as primary source of control and signals to the dog.

Two different weights of leather are typically used, so that each section has a different feel. Handlers can effectively work by “feel” alone with either end of the lead while keeping their attention on the dog.

A 2-color design (if requested) can further enhance handler awareness.

Use with Body Harness – Overall Length 8-9′

The double ended leash for use with a body harness features the same weight/width leather and snaps for both ends. A 2-color design can be helpful to keep the handler clear which end of the leash they are engaging.


The DOUBLE is ideal for any handler working with head halters or harnesses. For serious professionals who use head halters as part of their training approach, this is must-have equipment.

Available in English bridle black, brown and burgundy, with quality brass hardware.

When you add a DOUBLE to your cart, you will be able to select your options:

  • COLOR – English bridle black, brown and burgundy – you may opt to have both sections in the same color
  • CLIP – puppy (only available on some combinations), standard, scissors ( $3)
  • WIDTH – mixed widths allow for greater kinesthetic awareness; you may also choose same width throughout.

NOTE: ALL LEADS are handmade to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery; we will ship them sooner whenever possible. Orders go into the production line in the order they are received.

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