In Person Consultations

In Person Consultations

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Now booking Spring/Summer 2023 consultations

What do you want to work on?  Training challenges, behavior problems, your handling skills, RCT techniques, performance issues, temperament assessment? Suzanne’s legendary observation skills and unique perspective on the dog/human relationship makes her in-person consultations a powerful experience for handlers.



    Suzanne with client’s dog – sharing a happy moment!

    Suzanne’s legendary observation skills and unique perspective on the dog/human relationship makes her in-person consultations a powerful experience for handlers. Whether you want to address training challenges, understand your dog’s behavior problems, improve your handling skills, learn RCT techniques, or share time with a friend and dogs to pick Suzanne’s brain, these sessions are often life-changing.

    Come find out why so many professional trainers say to their clients, “You’re going to have to go see Suzanne.” And why so many bring their own dogs to her and learn from her. New perspectives and handling skills can change everything in a profound way.

    A 3/4 acre fenced in area and a dog-friendly home environment are the training areas for private consultations. The farm’s wooded trails and fields, and dog friendly barn animals offer additional opportunities for safe, effective, force-free training for many issues.

    Most consultations are held at Hawks Hunt Farm, St. Johnsville NY. In-home consultations are available for a limited distance from the farm; additional fees apply.

    Initial consult is 2 hours of Suzanne’s dedicated attention to you and your dog(s). You may bring a friend, instructor or family members, plus multiple dogs. Videotaping is permitted. (We reserve the right to videotape your session and use that footage for educational purposes.) Brief email OR phone follow up (15 min) included.

    Coming from a distance? Consider staying overnight in the area, and working a 2nd session (or more) in the following day(s). The Mohawk Valley is a beautiful place to visit, with many activities for a friend or partner.

    Booking requires a non-refundable payment secures the first available appointment. Once an appointment slot has been purchased, you will receive an email regarding available dates. Suzanne works to schedule consultations at the earliest possible date.

    Payments are non-refundable. If an in-person consultation needs to be rescheduled, the payment will be applied to the rescheduled consultation date.

    7 reviews for In Person Consultations

    1. Beth Spain

      My one on one in person time with Suzanne was exactly what my dog and I needed. I gained the reassurance I needed to continue down the right path towards the best possible outcome for this dog. I appreciate her thoughtful insight as to what makes this particular dog tick. I have taken her suggestions to heart and my girl continues to improve everyday and so does her qualify of life. Even though this session focused on one particular dog, all of my dogs have benefited from what I learned. Thank you again Suzanne! Beth Spain, Anchor Up Miniature Bull Terriers

    2. Linda L

      Suzanne was able to quickly assess my dog’s reactivity to other dogs and provide suggested modifications to enhance my focus and apply her methodology in helping him become less reactive. Utilizing that guidance, my dog is now able to be calm in the presence of other dogs and successfully serves as a pet-assisted therapy dog. Linda L.

    3. Lorie Ostrander

      Suzanne’s skillful eye evaluated my rescued dog, Marty, and showed me exactly what skills he needed to become a confident, happy partner. We learned simple, reward-based activities to build attention and cooperation. Really Real Relaxation, Go Say Hi 1-2-3, and voluntary eye contact built foundations for many other skills. Our in-person session was targeted to our specific needs; webinars and reading let us keep learning on our own. Thanks to Suzanne, Marty and I learned a lot and are building a great relationship. Marty McFly and Lorie Ostrander, Binghamton, NY.

    4. Chrystal Cleary

      Suzanne’s book, Bones Would Rain From the Sky, touched me because my dog at the time was a more aloof sort and I wondered what I could do to connect with her best and be sure her stoicness was just who she was and not a deficiency on my end of the line. When my next dog came along, a much more complicated, finely tuned soul, I had increased doubts about my ability to read and understand and believe him. I was able to bring him to see Suzanne at her farm and learn from her how to really see him, understand and believe him and then what to do with that information. Suzanne’s guidance built my confidence that I really CAN read my dog accurately and helpfully, see him as the complex individual he was and build a life for him that acknowledged his demons, but didn’t allow them to run roughshod all over our relationship or his place in our family, and promoted the activities and ways he felt comfortable, loved and safe so we could both be our honest selves together and best love each other. Chrystal Cleary, Vermont

    5. Cheri M

      Rayne is my German Shepherd that, at about 9 months of age, started acting low-confident and reactive. I knew she was going through some pivotal changes in her life so I took her to see Suzanne to learn what we could do to help her through this and make sure the outcome was positive.
      Suzanne worked with Rayne and I pointing out some things she saw, shared with us some training techniques to help her overcome her issues as well as suggested a training course to help her and I build a strong working connection. We took all of Suzanne’s advice and now Rayne, at almost 2 years old is growing into a more confident dog. I still use the techniques that we learned and I have seen how they have given Rayne the confidence and security that she needs. Cheri M. Kernersville, NC

    6. Marnie Montgomery

      “How’s this for you?“

      The simple phrase sums up the respect that Suzanne Clothier brings to her work with animals and their people. Rather than diving in and DOING with a pre-fixed agenda in mind, she observes, listens, and engages thoughtfully with all members of the human – animal team. The relationship is it at the heart of her work, and by helping her clients, students, and seminar participants learn to ask this, and her other elemental questions, meaningfully, she creates a space in which thinking and learning can occur.

      The only thing I think I might add is that Suzanne’s leash work is so beautiful it might make one weep! Of course, along with the skill and nuance, the fact that all her engagements with an animal are based on the relationship, the leash becomes a tool for communication rather than coercion. Marnie Montgomery
      Joyful Dog LLC

    7. Jennifer L

      I attended Suzanne’s seminar on adolescent dog behavior and problems. My dog, Kip, was chosen to participate. Kip was a rescue who had had very little handling and his arousal was over the top. He was VERY destructive at home having torn up the couch, loveseat and multiple other things. At the seminar Kip came in the building in full arousal and I was almost in tears. Suzanne taught me how to work with Kip so he could learn to control his arousal on his own. By the end of the seminar he was walking nicely on leash and not jumping all over us. More important – at home he started learning self control. Kip is now a super dog and I compete in nosework. We go to trials and he is a perfect gentleman around other dogs. It was a long process – because I had to learn as well. Suzanne gave me the tools I needed to work with Kip and not feel overwhelmed. Jennifer L & Kip, OH

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