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RCT Training Games

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Develop real life training skills using humor and play, with the 24 delightful games in RCT Training Games, designed by Suzanne Clothier, with Heather Leonard.


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    Designed by Suzanne Clothier (with Heather Leonard), the RCT Training Games package features 24 delightful games, perfect for developing real life training skills using humor and play.

    Each game can be played at 5 different levels, from beginner lure/reward to advanced. The games are suitable for all ages, and ideal for mixed age/skill groups. Some games may be played by just one dog & handler, but most are designed for 2 or more dog/handler teams.

    The RCT Training Games help dogs and handlers build these useful skills:

    The detailed full color Users Guide offers specific tips on teaching, set up, rules of play, 5 levels, benefits, troubleshooting, variations & helpful hints.

    The RCT TRAINING GAMES package includes:
    *24 Game Cards (full color, 5×7)
    *86 page User Guide (full color, detailed w/diagrams & more)
    *Vinyl carrying case

    INSTRUCTORS & CLUBS: Add some real value to your curriculum! Mix and match games according to skills, activity level (individual, group, quiet, active) and create your own Games Class effortlessly.

    Ideal for mixed age/skill classes, the RCT Training Games are also perfect for 4-H & other youth groups, kennel clubs, rescue/shelters, families, friends, play groups and even dog park groups. Many trainers let me know they consider the RCT Training Games to be their secret advantage over their competitors. Designed for both the typical class as well as multi-skill, multi-age groups, these games are ideal for drop-in sessions.

    Even if a handler hasn’t had a chance to improve the dog’s skills, they can play at the 1 star level (lure/reward). Instructors find that for the too-busy handler who just wants to go have some fun for an hour or so with their dogs, RCT Training Games offers the perfect solution. No need to fall further and further behind – just come & play at the level your dog can handle that night.

    But RCT Training Games also allows for some serious skill development under distraction as handlers & dogs work towards the 5 star level which has crisp criteria for prompt response on minimal signals. I’ve enjoyed teaching these games to a class that included a 12 week old puppy *and* a dog with agility and obedience championships!

    Order yours today and put some FUN in your training!

    1 review for RCT Training Games

    1. Cheryl Holt

      I use these games in the classes I teach and for fun activities for our kennel club. People and dogs leave with happy faces and a better connection after playing these games. I love that they can be adjusted for different skill levels, but really the best part is that they help people learn how to have fun with their dogs while teaching real life, useful skills.

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