Linda Conrad

I’ve been involved in sponsoring Suzanne Clothier seminars several times over the last 7 years. Each time, when I put the flyer together, I make sure to include this: “Join us for a fascinating weekend with one of the dog training world’s Trainer of Trainers…”.  I have seen Suzanne’s Relationship Centered Training improve the lives of SO many dogs and their humans by showing them that almost anything is possible when both the dog’s and the trainer’s physical and emotional needs are taken into consideration and met. I have repeatedly seen fearful or shy dogs leave after a two day seminar happily focused on their trainer with their tails wagging.  Best of all, both the human AND the dog are smiling! If you get a chance to attend a Clothier seminar, don’t miss it – you won’t be sorry!! (Linda Conrad, Flashback Flatcoat Retrievers, Prairie Lake, MN)