Enriched Puppy Protocol

Enriched Puppy Protocol

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Take your puppy raising knowledge & skills to the next level with EPP, the amazing puppy-centric program developed by internationally respected trainer Suzanne Clothier, a long time breeder of German Shepherds. This course follows Suzanne as she raises her 11th generation May 2022 litter.


Real puppies and real people doing the real work of growing and loving. EPP is the program that has informed the early puppyhood programs for thousands of service & guide dog school pups since 2007.


Focus on one litter as they grow, and learn directly from breeder & trainer Suzanne as she raises this litter. As the litter grows, you’ll see the what, when, how and why behind every step in EPP.


Q&A sessions give us a chance to discuss puppies, behavior, and your questions about putting EPP to work in your breeding program. All Q&A sessions recorded and available for you to watch at any time.

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    63 Days to Build A Foundation for A Lifetime of Difference

    Building confident, coordinated & connected canines, one day at a time.

    Whether you’re raising a purpose bred litter or helping a rescue litter, Suzanne Clothier’s Enriched Puppy Protocol helps you provide each puppy with the best possible start in life. The experiences and skills of EPP provide each puppy with an amazing foundation. Preparing a pup for life is the greatest gift of them all! Join us!

    What All Puppies Need You to Know

    Until now, the Enriched Puppy Protocol has been available to guide and service dog organzations who hired Suzanne Clothier to teach them how to raise confident, coordinated and connected canines. Now you can learn about this amazing program that reflects 11 generations of breeding her own German Shepherds as well as 44+ years of experience as an internationally respected trainer.

    • This program is for breeders and trainers eager to learn how to help all puppies become the very best they can be. Whether purpose-bred, foster/rescue/shelter, wheher it’s your first litter or your last, EPP will help you give each pup their best foundation for life.
    • Included are online course materials, the complete materials – EPP workbook and worksheets (PDF), and the Enriched Puppy Protocol webinar. You may print out the materials for your own use, and will have access to the online course for a full year.
    • Monthly Zoom meetings & an EPP discussion group give you a way to ask questions, share your experiences (and puppies!). All Zoom meetings are recorded and available for you to watch or review at a convenient time for you.
    • Suzanne’s Journal with Daily puppy videos provide the behind-the-scenes info only available in this course.
    • Shelter/Rescue full scholarship available for an employee of a 501C3 non-profit organization. Contact us for details at courses@suzanneclothier.com.

    NOTE: This product is purchased through Thinkific. When you click to purchase, a new window will open for that site, where you will need to create a Thinkific account to complete the purchase.

    2 reviews for Enriched Puppy Protocol

    1. Silvia Redini

      It was wonderful to follow Lynx’s puppies’ journey and see the EPP in action every day. Absolutely loved every minute. This is how all puppies should be raised.

    2. hepemberton

      As a professional trainer dipping my toes into breeding, EPP was a wonderful step by step guide on raising solid puppies. Suzanne was right there to help answer any questions I had developmentally regarding each individual puppy and the litter. The feedback, guidance, and understanding was invaluable to me even with multiple mentors- the understanding of development and behavior was invaluable. My puppies are currently 6 months old and are wonderful, social, and resilient examples EPP. Thank you Suzanne!

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