Certified CARAT Assessors

CARAT Assessments can be done by a Certified CARAT Assessor. Please be sure that anyone claiming to do CARAT assessments is on this list.


CARAT Assessors are proficient at reading dog body language and are notable for their compassion and detailed approach to the individual animal.  Mastering CARAT required several years of dedication and practice. Certification serves to recognize the study and effort put forth by the certified assessor in developing their skills and to ensure that the individual demonstrates proficiency in both the theoretical and practical applications of CARAT.

Who needs a CARAT assessment? You might want an assessment for dog you already have, wish to adopt, are fostering, or to understand candidate dogs for a program or specific sport/activity, evaluate puppies in a litter, or consideration of breeding stock.

CCA (Certified CARAT Assessors) routinely use CARAT when working with behavior cases, as this detailed approach helps them understand your dog in detail. This understanding of the dog as an individual helps create training plans and choices tailored specifically to your dog.

CCAs have put a couple of years of study into learning CARAT directly from Suzanne Clothier. This powerful tool indeed “changes everything!” but the complexity that makes it so powerful also means it takes time to master. They are skilled in using the CARAT scoring system, administering the tests designed to be used with CARAT under formal conditions, as well as developing their observation skills so that informal assessments are also possible.

STEPHANIE BERRY - Dayton, Maryland

Stephanie Berry, BA, CPDT-KA, CNWI, CCC-CI, CCA
Owner of Blueberry Dogs, LLC

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Available for the following CARAT Assessments:

  • Suitability for purpose (companion, performance sports, scent detection)
  • Litter assessment
  • Individual client assessment

About Stephanie  Stephanie has been a dog trainer since 2009, teaching for a wonderful dog training facility in Columbia, MD before opening Blueberry Dogs, LLC. She trains using a science-based approach to change behavior and is committed to the use of positive reinforcement methods, with a focus on the relationship between dog and handler.

ANN HOWIE - Olympia, Washington

Founder, Human-Animal Solutions, PLLC    Human-Animal Solutions.com      Email Ann

ABOUT ANN Ann is a state and nationally licensed clinical social worker (LICSW, ACSW), a Certified CARAT Assessor (CCA), and a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT). She is the author of four books about various aspects of animal-assisted interactions.  Teaming with Your Therapy Dog is being used as a text by many therapy-dog groups and trainers nationwide. Her latest book, Assessing Handlers for Competence in Animal-Assisted Interventions, gives comprehensive guidance about handler competencies and how to both train for and assess them.

Ann taught for the Institute for Human-Animal Connection at the University of Denver for 14 years, and designed and directed their Canine-Assisted Intervention Specialist program. Ann is now on faculty with Oakland University’s Center for Human-Animal Interventions.

During her training as a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, Ann’s observation skills were further refined to identify possible physical issues that can affect a dog’s comfort and ability to function.  In this role she helps dogs stay physically fit and handlers appreciate the work that it takes to be a dog in the 21st century.  Ann’s extensive CARAT™ training added powerful experience that changed not only what she sees when she looks at dogs, but also how she helps animals thrive in their lives and work with humans. She is delighted to be a Certified CARAT Assessor.

DEBRA JORDAN - Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

DEB JORDAN Certified CARAT Assessor, Certified NATIONAL Crisis Response Canine Team, Certified NATIONAL CISM Response Team, Professional Dog Groomer, Certified Animal Assisted Therapist, ATD Tester/Observer

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Available for CARAT assessments for:

  • Litter Assessment
  • Suitability for Purpose
  • Individual Client Assessment
  • Rescue Organizations
  • Crisis Response Canine Assessment
  • Therapy Dog Assessments
CINDY KNOWLTON - Glenwood, Maryland

Cindy Knowlton, BA, CPDT-KA, CCC-CI, CNWI, CCA, CTRI
Owner of See Spot Grin

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Available for the following CARAT Assessments:

  • Litter assessments
  • Individual client assessments
  • Suitability for specific purpose (companion, therapy dog, performance sports)

About Cindy  Cindy is a Professional Member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), and an Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) associate, and currently serves as a volunteer with National Capital Therapy Dogs. She currently offers K9 Nose Work and CCC classes, Relationship (RAT) Assessments, private behavior consultations.

JUDY MOORE - Cumberland, Maine

Judy Rapp Moore, BS, CDBC, CCA, CPDT-KA
Owner, Canine Behavior Counseling

Canine Behavior Counseling.com

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Judy is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) through the International Association of Animals Behavior Consultants, IAABC.  A Certified CARAT Assessor (CCA) through the Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool CARAT.  As well as a Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). Judy has served as a Canine Expert Witness in the U.S. Court System, Co-Authored A.C.E(R) Selection Protocol now for sale on Amazon and created two Positive Reinforcement online courses, B.I.T.E Bite Intervention for Everyone and Drop the Leash sold through Dogwise.com.

Judy has owned and operated Canine Behavior Counseling since 2008. Her primary passion has been on the territorial dog, having owned three dogs with bite histories. Judy’s training programs and services encompass Canine Temperament testing, Bite risk assessments, In-home behavior modification, speaking engagements, professional publications/Blog posts, and ad-hoc Expert Consultations. 


Claire Robertson, CPDT-KA, AD, Pet CPR & First AID
Owner of Candid Canines Dog Training
Certified CARAT Assessor             

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Website:  http://bbrob3950.wixsite.com/candid-canines

Claire started Candid Canines in Burnet Texas in 2016. She enjoys helping humans and canines achieve a greater understanding of one another, and thinks of her client’s success as her own. Her goals are to help transform the world for humans and dogs alike into a clearer, kinder place.

She offers private lessons, board and train, group classes, online coaching and pre-puppy/pre-adoption counseling.

ALI WEIHL - Lawrenceville, Georgia

Ali Weihl, B.Sc, CCA


Ali Weihl has always had a passion for animals with experience ranging from horses to dogs to penguins! After graduating from Saint Vincent College (Latrobe, PA) with a degree in Biology, she moved to Georgia where she began taking classes and then joined the staff at Canine Country Academy.

Ali is currently teaching Puppy, Adolescent Pup, Scent Work, Rally Obedience, Reactive Modules, and many other classes. Ali also offers private consults to work in-home or at the CCA facility one-on-one as well as board and train. Ali is an AKC Star Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, and Trick Title Evaluator, and is working towards becoming a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA).

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