Observation Skills Part One

Observation Skills Part One

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Observation Skills Part One is scheduled to start March 31, 2024.

REALLY See the Dog

Are you ready to learn how to really see what dogs are showing you? Suzanne Clothier’s observation skills are legendary. The late great R.K.Anderson DVM called her, “one of the best observers of dogs that I have ever seen.” Suzanne’s approach gives you new ways of seeing dogs. Includes 8 modules, 5 Q&A sessions tenatively scheduled for Tuesdays at 2pm EST, practice exercises. CEUS pending for PPAB, IAABC.

  • Accurate observations are at the heart of great training (and great relationships). If you don’t really SEE THE DOG, your relationships and training are missing important information dogs need you to know.
  • Learn Suzanne’s holistic approach that includes the complete dog – physical, mental and emotional as interactive parts of the whole.
  • Blending techniques from ethology with the practical skills learned in a lifetime with animals, Suzanne’s lessons build on each other to develop your skills.
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    How will this course make me a better trainer?

    Really seeing the dog in front of you is critical to the training decisions you will make with and for that dog. If you work with shy, fearful or aggressive dogs, missing important information can create inhumane or dangerous situations. All dogs need your best observations at work for them.

    We will release two sessions per week (each about an hour+) plus practice work, plus a live Q&A session each week with Suzanne (recorded of course for viewing at your convenience) plus a 5th wrap-up Q& A session.

    Observation Skills Part One is scheduled to start March 31, 2024.

    NOTE: This product is purchased through Thinkific. When you click to purchase, a new window will open for that site, where you will need to create a Thinkific account to complete the purchase.

    8 reviews for Observation Skills Part One

    1. Patricia Rapaport

      Suzanne is an awesome instructor and the course was fantastic. It improved my observational skills in a fun and practical way. The Q&As were thoughtful and helpful and Suzanne will stay in the session until all questions and comments have been completed. I can’t wait to start Part 2. I have never been disappointed by any of the courses. I just keep learning more and more.

    2. Dr. Shlomit Harrosh

      Behaviour is constantly in flux. The ability to accurately see the dog and handler in front of us in real time lies at the heart of excellent dog training. Without right observation, we cannot make correct assessments or respond appropriately and quickly enough to changes in the dog’s behaviour. Suzanne Clothier has created a course that teaches us to do just this. Observation Skills – Part 1 is a step-by-step course that creates the foundations for truly seeing the dog/handler in front of us through a blend of theory and hands-on exercises that improve observation skills in just a few weeks. Just as importantly, this course has given me the tools to continue honing these skills in everyday life. The weekly Q&A sessions and the opportunity to learn directly from Suzanne Clothier through her responses to students’ questions have been an invaluable addition that has further expanded my understanding of dog behaviour. This has been one of the most valuable courses I’ve taken as a dog trainer, and also one of the most enjoyable. For through observation we learn to be curious and open to reality, and this is one path towards greater joy. I highly recommend this excellent course to any animal lover and trainer.
      – Dr. Shlomit Harrosh

    3. lynda costello

      I am not a trainer. But I want to learn how better to be a good dog owner. Am 82 in May and grateful to be able to take this course and expand my knowledge. Thank you!!!

    4. Jody Greifenberger

      It’s not a checklist, it’s a way to train your brain and use your senses to “see the dog.”

      Suzanne takes you through Observation Skills Part 1 course to lay the foundation you need to become a great observer. She is very generous with her time and this was invaluable to my learning. I’m looking forward to Part 2!

    5. Kristine Patenaude

      This course was excellent at helping me start to put together a focused approach to understanding what I am looking for while observing a dog, sorting out what is important and relevant and how to document what I observe.

    6. Marlies Piersma-Kieft

      I am a trainer of assistance dogs in the Netherlands. My experience in this field is 13 years and in this Observation Skills course-part 1, I have learned a lot which I can put in my backback!

    7. Gwen Grimm

      I initially signed up thinking this course would be a skills learning course on observing dogs and maybe some interpretation of what we observed. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it was more about learning how to observe and what is involved in the process of observation, which is way more than I ever really thought about. The skill of observation is much more complicated and this course brought that to light and then some. Very interesting and I learned a lot about the skill of observation, relating it to the why and what, regardless of what I am observing at the moment. Looking forward to Observation Skills – Part 2!

    8. Vibeke Alstad Jagne

      The course that keeps on giving

      Having taken many of Suzanne’s courses and webinars, I know they are always going to exceed my expectations.

      This course is not a checklist. It’s training your brain to be a better observer. You’ll have several aha-moments during the course and course work, but it continues way beyond that. You will observe everything differently, and continue to improve your observation skills after this course. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the road to improvement is fascinating once you know the limitations of your own mind and how to better overcome those limitations.

      I can’t wait for part 2 of this course.

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