Kids, Dogs & Avoiding the ‘Forest of Fibs’ Webinar

Dogs, Kids, and Avoiding the ‘Forest of Fibs’: Learn Effective Ways to *Really* Help Families and their Dogs, with Justine Schuurmans.

Raising children and a dog together can be waaaay trickier than it sounds.

Parents have a LOT on their plate and LITTLE quality information on how to manage it all.

Discover how to identify and avoid the biggest pitfalls just waiting for families to fall into, and learn the simple-but-super skills (and a magic mindset tweak!) that all parents need to maximize success and minimize stress with their family dog.


Justine Schuurmans is a member of the APDT, CPDT–KA certified, and an LFDM (Licensed Family Dog Mediator). She’s constantly educating herself to make her techniques better and both her family clients’ and Pros’ lives easier. Justine has been training dogs for over 20 years now. Since 2009 it’s been “families only”, laser–focusing on developing the most effective, efficient, and truly family-friendly training techniques. You can find out more about her at The Family Dog.

This webinar will be recorded, including the Q&A, with the recorded version being available within 48 hours.  You will have access to the recording for a year.


Feb 01 2024


1:00 pm