Mission POSSIBLE 2.0 with Malena DeMartini

Join us on May 9th at noon Eastern to learn about the ultimate educational tool for conquering separation anxiety! Malena DeMartini is renowned for her work on canine separation anxiety, and she will be sharing this incredible resource with us.

Malena is unleashing hope for dogs struggling with alone time – introducing version 2.0 of Mission POSSIBLE, the online, self-paced course! The course is very comprehensive, including over 40 topic lessons that contain video content, written information about how to implement separation anxiety training, data tracking suggestions, content about assessing your dog, and details about incorporating pre-departure cues. Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers (CSATs) moderate the course DAILY and respond to your questions and comments as you progress through the materials.

If you are a guardian who wants to help your dog be comfortable when home alone, join us for this review of Mission POSSIBLE. If you are a dog professional who wants to learn more about how to implement a separation anxiety protocol, you should also join us.

Don’t miss out on this presentation and its content to help dogs that need to learn that alone time is safe!

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May 09 2024


12:00 pm