OBSERVATION SKILLS – Part 2 (online course)

Suzanne Clothier’s observation skills are legendary. The late great R.K.Anderson DVM called her, “one of the best observers of dogs that I have ever seen.”

Really seeing the dog in front of you is critical to the training decisions you will make with and for that dog. If you work with shy, fearful or aggressive dogs, missing important information can create inhumane or dangerous situations. All dogs need your best observations at work for them.

This course takes you deeper into observation skills. You’ll learn about different types of recording observations, knowing what you need to know, multiple aspect observations, and how details of body language create important context for understanding behavior in deeply nuanced ways.

Take your observation skills to new levels.

This is a 4 week intensive course, supported by 5 Q&A sessions.

Course begins August 7, 2022.

Pre-req: Observation Skills Part 1.



Aug 07 2022