SEMINAR: If Goldilocks Was A Dog Trainer

If Goldilocks Was A Dog Trainer: How to Help Dogs Find “Just Right” in Life & Training

The wonderful moment in a life shared with dogs occur when we can see that things are “just right” for our dog. Like Goldilocks sliding into a bed that’s not too soft, not too hard, we are glad when we see our dogs are enjoying life, able to learn, comfortable in the moment, and connected with us.

But those “just right” moments can be hard to find at times.

What do you and your struggle with? Is your dog a growing pup, an annoying adolescent, a recent rescue? Or maybe you are working on specific issues. This seminar is for you! Suzanne can help, even if your dog is:

  • A shy Sally
  • A loony Lacy
  • A reactive Rex
  • A worried Wally
  • A fearful Fluffy

Whatever your experience – first time owner or long-time professional – Suzanne will give you new ways to observe and assess, as well as sensible solutions and practical information to help you and your dog create more of the “just right” moments.

Do we need different training equipment? Better treats? A new instructor? New techniques? Should we train more, or maybe less? Why is our dog still struggling even after so many classes? Will she grow out of it, or do we have a problem that needs help? Is it something we’re doing?

Most of all, what we want to know how to help our dogs when things are not “just right.”

Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training (RCT) approach has helped dogs and handlers around the world with her humane and effective techniques. With her guidance, you will learn to channel your inner Goldilocks to learn what is too much or too little, what it look and feels like when things are “just right.”

Suzanne’s co-instructors will be selected demo dogs. Depending on the dogs, we’ll be diving into:

  • The Think & Learn Zone
  • Thrills or Chills? Helping Shy, Fearful, Anxious or Reactive Dogs
  • Is It Me? Handler Habits & Communication
  • Triggers & Thresholds
  • If/Then Training – Mapping the Solutions

Join us for a fascinating day of learning from an internationally respected trainer. Suzanne’s work is grounded in science, balanced with heart and humor, and reflects a lifetime with animals.

(We promise there will be no porridge, hot or cold or otherwise. Also, no bears.)

NOTE: We offer discounted pricing for Shelter & Rescue staff & volunteers on the honor system. Please help us continue to offer this discount which comes right out of our pocket — take the discount only if you really need it.

SAVE! When you make it a full weekend by also registering for the Sunday seminar: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Understanding What Your Dog Can Tell You.


Nov 11 2023


9:00 am - 5:00 pm