Problem or Symptom Webinar

Problem Behavior or Just A Symptom of Something Deeper?

Imagine a leaky roof. Imagine someone putting a bucket to catch the leaks. And that bucket keeps filling up. Asking around for advice on what to do, the homeowner is told over and over, “You need a bigger bucket!” or “You need to empty that bucket more frequently!”


A moment’s thought tells you that the real answer, the actual solution, is to fix the roof so it doesn’t leak. A bigger bucket or one that is emptied more often is just a band-aid, not a genuine fix.

In dog training, there are also times when the advice given isn’t a true solution. Instead of figuring out what the underlying problem may be, the training is focused on the symptoms that appear because of the underlying cause(s).

Effective training gets to the foundation issue(s), and does the building, improving and repairing at that fundamental level. Relationship Centered Training has always sought to figure out the underlying issue and to recognize the difference between a symptom and the root cause.

For example, barking is a typical symptom. But all barking is not created equal. You’ll learn why the popular advice to ignore barking or to reward quiet may fail, no matter how hard you try.

When you address what drives the issues, you can get far better results in less time. Dogs can progress quickly, amazing handlers who may have spent months diligently working on protocols that address the symptoms but not the leaky roof.

If you’d like to resolve some common behaviors at a foundation level, this webinar is for you.

  • Primary behavior/cause or secondary behavior/symptom?
  • Productive vs non-productive arousal
  • Detecting arousal shifts – tension, posture, movement
  • How to use Tincture of Time to help dog resolve the situation
  • Recognizing thin slice successes – how do you know it’s working?

Take your training to the next level by learning to look for the holes in the foundation. Suzanne’s approach is intended to get right to the leaky roof, leading to lasting results using practical, humane and effective techniques.

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Jun 09 2022


2:00 pm