The Slice is Right! webinar- Rescheduled date

The Slice is Right! What the . . . Oh, Okay! Approach to Dog Training

One thing Suzanne always says is that good training often looks like toast turning brown. No huge drama, just gradually better and better in easy steps that suddenly add up to something beautiful. Of course, push it too far or too fast or for too long, and you’ll end up with burnt toast.

At every step in training, whatever you are working on with a dog, the dog is wondering, “What the . . .?” and trying to find the answer. If the dog fills in that blank after “what the . . .” with anything but “Oh, okay!” chances are good that your training slice is too big.

Why are thin slices so important in humane training? The LIMA principle urges us to work with animals in a way that avoid pressuring them, respects their individual timetable and capacities, and builds success. Thin slices help build the confidence that comes with repeated success, a wonderful gift for any dog – and for any handler.

This webinar will help you understand how good thin slicing looks:

  • Almost effortless
  • Dog able to adapt
  • Dog able to make choices
  • Dog willing and able to move on

We’ll also look at what gets in our way and may keep us from thin slicing:

  • Time constraints
  • Lumping and fuzzy criteria
  • Belief that repetitions and reinforcement are sufficient

Underlying this approach is deep trust in the dog’s ability to do their best. When you make sense to the dog in a way that suits their individual temperament, when the slice is right, you open the door to “What the . . . oh, okay!” training.

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Jun 30 2022


2:00 pm