SEMINAR Thresholds, Transitions & Triggers

A rare in-person event with Suzanne!

This two day seminar will bring insight to all handlers working with K9’s whether it be in the professional or home environment.

“He was fine until . . .” Does it seem like an invisible switch that gets flipped, & your dog shifts from cooperative or calm to disconnected, disengaged, maybe even out of control?

What happened?

Chances are good that triggers, thresholds & transitions are affecting behavior in ways both subtle and dramatic.

Understanding transitions, thresholds & triggers helps you assess & meet the dog’s need for specific skills to help them safely negotiate their “icebergs.” Learn how to find your dog’s sweet spot where learning is easy & fun.

Like the captain of the Titanic, trainers sometimes ignore the behavioral icebergs: transitions, thresholds & triggers. The result can be annoying or a significant problem.

Whether you want an enjoyable walk with your dog, or you’re aiming at top level performance, whether Buster’s bonkers at the door or blowing you off, Suzanne’s approach focuses on the fundamentals of arousal, attention, communication & behavioral flexibility.

15 PPAB CEU’s Available for Attendees

2 CEU’s/Day Available for NACSW



Sep 09 - 10 2023


All Day