Practice or Prevention? Training Time vs Management Moments & How That Affects Your Training

What is the difference between managing your dog’s behavior, and training your dog’s specific behaviors?

Turns out, there many important differences.

Ideally, training time means the time, place, you and your dog are all in a good spot where learning can occur.

Management moments are when things are not conducive to learning.

So, there it is in a nutshell. Easy, right? Thanks for reading! Just kidding, of course. Knowing how to tell if you are having training time or a management moment is not always that easy. Even for professionals!

And complicating it all is this reality: a management moment can become training time, and then back again to management, all in a short time! Being able to recognize where you are at any point is key to successful training.

  • Set Up for Success
  • How to recognize Training Time & the Think & Learn Zone
  • Signs that you are in a Management Moment
  • How does it change?
  • Helping the dog remain in the TLZ
  • Techniques for Management Moments

You know what they say about trying to teach a pig to sing? It frustrates you and annoys the pig. Likewise, for our dogs, if we’re in a management moment, but think it’s training time, we are going to be disappointed and frustrated. Just like the dog!

Knowing where you are is a big part of getting where you want to go. This webinar will help you clarify moment by moment, and provides practical advice to help you and your dog.


Jun 13 2024


2:00 pm