See Spot! See Spot Sit – or Not? Why Not, Spot?

What Common SIT Challenges Can Tell You About Your Dog’s Body

Sometimes, SIT happens. Sometimes, SIT doesn’t happen. Or it’s not the kind of SIT we want.

Did you know that the simple act of sitting is not so simple after all?

We don’t think much about it, as SIT is often the first thing a dog learns. Not a big deal, right? We often use SIT in so many ways as an “easy” behavior that we can overlook the complexity involved. Worse, we can misunderstand why our dogs sometimes push back and say, “Sorry, no SIT for you!”

Turns out that SIT is an amazing starting point for understanding our dog’s physical abilities. When you know what to look for, how your dog sits – or doesn’t! – can provide a wealth of information, including possible discomfort, pain or even structural issues that need your support.

We will dive into:

  • Sit Mechanics – What actually is happening when a dog sits?
  • Try It Yourself – Always fun to experience things for yourself (we won’t watch, promise)
  • Hind End Structure & Healthy Function
  • Sloppy, Lazy, Puppy & more common SIT issues and what’s behind them
  • The SIT bone is connected to ALL the bones!

Whether you want a sit at your side, in front of you, for a stay or a start line, on a target or table, or just SIT anywhere any time, this webinar will give you clear guidance. Learn how to observe any dog’s SIT and identify issues that need your attention. Slo-motion videos make it all so clear!

Join us, and let’s explore why sometimes SIT happens, and sometimes it doesn’t!


May 23 2024


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm