Webinar  TALKS WITH DOGS: How Our Body Language Affects Our Communication with Dogs

Canine body language is fascinating! Books and videos help us understand what this or that means, and most of us cannot get enough of learning to read the details and decoding the messages dogs send us.

But where is the focus on handler body language? Dogs would really appreciate it if humans could learn to mean what they say, and know what they are really saying, and communicate clearly with intent and awareness.

In this webinar, Suzanne turns her considerable observation skills to assessing and understand in the handler’s body language. In ways big and small, her approach to the handler will deepen your awareness of how seemingly small differences can have a profound effect on a dog.

Handler behavior is as complex and as nuanced as canine body language. Complicating things is that some signals send the same message in Human as they do in Dog. But some Human signals are interpreted differently by dogs. Do you know which is which?

When the handler is sending mixed, inconsistent or contrary messages, the dog can end up confused, anxious or frustrated. Greater awareness of how these elements can and do affect the dog can improve your training and relationship, and help you avoid accidentally contributing to a dog’s anxiety, fear, reactivity or just flat out exasperation with humans!

We’ll look at

  • Meta-messaging
  • Balance
  • Postures
  • Breathing & Blink rate
  • Expression & Voice

Greater awareness of how these elements can and do affect the dog can improve your training and relationship. Practical tips for helping handlers make adjustments are included, along with Suzanne’s legendary knack for parallels, analogies and exercises to help handlers make changes.

Whether you’re a pro who needs new ways to help clients be their best, or a dog loving human who wants to communicate more clearly while removing common roadblocks to understanding, this webinar is for you!


Mar 21 2024


2:00 pm