Four NEW Upcoming Webinars

RAT™: Relationship Assessment Tool – Thursday, February 2, 2023 – 2pm EST:

This webinar provides an introduction to a powerful tool for understanding the dog/human relationship:  RAT™: Relationship Assessment Tool. Developed by Suzanne Clothier, RAT™ provides you with a new perspective on assessing and understanding of the dog/human relationship.

RAT™ provides a nuanced framework for assessing the dynamics of the dog/human relationship. While RAT assessments capture important information, they are rapid taking only approx. 5 minutes, and easy to do. The results provide a terrific jumping off point for meaningful discussions, customized training plans



Matchmaker, Matchmaker – Make Me a Dog – Thursday, February 16, 2023 – 2pm EST:

What makes a good match between a person and dog? What can we do about less than ideal matches? How do we make the most of each relationship we have with a dog? What do we need to know? Is there really any useful approach to matchmaking for dogs & people?

This webinar will guide you through an understanding of how temperament traits can combine to create the dog of your dreams (whatever your dreams!), or present challenges that require careful assessment of the skills and resources necessary to meet the dog’s needs.



Thrills and Chills: Helping Your Dog Ride the Roller Coaster of Life – Thursday, March 2, 2023 – 2pm EST:

Arousal is a buzz word these days, but what does it mean for your dog? What shifts your dog from comfortable and functional to being afraid or anxious, or so excited they can barely stay in their skin? Depending on the situation or the triggers, a dog can experience both the “Oh boy!” thrills and the “Oh no” chills.

How intensely your dog responds to any thrill or chill depends on a number of factors: temperament, experience, options, skills and how you provide the necessary support. This webinar deepens your understanding of your dog, their needs, and how to read the individual dog in order to provide effective and humane support.

Helping your dog through thrills and/or chills with practical information is the focus of this webinar.


Rewards, Lures and Bribes – Thursday, March 16, 2023 – 2pm EST:

Just like us, dogs vary in what they consider rewarding. Some do enjoy food rewards and will do just about anything for a treat. Others prefer toys, freedom, specific activities, social interaction, or the joy of the activity itself. Complicating things a bit more, what can be rewarding to a dog in one situation may have no value under other circumstances.

Modern dog training relies heavily on positive reinforcement – that is, the use of rewards to encourage a dog to repeat a desired behavior. Similar but technically quite different, a lure is the use of anything that attracts the dog, and used to guide or encourage the dog into a position or to follow a path.

This webinar will help you understand how to use positive reinforcement to its full effect. When used well, reward based training can be incredibly powerful and so much more than just dipping into your stash of chicken & cheese. It’s about listening to that specific dog, providing rewards that are rich and meaningful, including yourself and the celebration of social interaction.

This webinar offers practical information that can help you and your dog, or your clients and their dogs.