LYNX x QUEST Puppies 2023 – Last looks

Nine weeks have flown by like a storm! Each litter offers more to learn, and yet never enough time to do all that I wish I could do with these pups.

The generous, kind and capable hands of Auntie Alissa and Grandma Hanna made it all possible. These two loving ladies are a puppy’s best friends in every way, and both play an important role in helping each pup become a happy, well-adjusted, trusting and connected dog. Thank you is simply insufficient for the effort, care and plain old hard sweaty work invested into each puppy from start to finish.

To our great delight, both Helen and Panini continued to improve and resolve their vestibular issues. Impossible to say which of the many supports we provided made the difference, since life is not a controlled experiment, but many thanks to everyone who sent healing energy, love, and various forms of energetic work to these two special pups.

Every pup landed in an outstanding home, and both sailed off without glancing back for a second, exactly what we want to see. So far, every puppy owner is convinced they got the BEST puppy in the whole litter. That’s perfect! (And funny, since clearly we kept the best puppy for ourselves…)

Lynx is tired but pleased to be getting her real life back. She does enjoy having one pup still with her! but is also glad to share that with me, John and the other dogs as a joint responsibility. This was her 3rd litter, and once again, she proved to be an exemplary mother, the perfect combination of tenderness, attentive care, healthy boundaries, indulgence and joyful play. Thank you, Lynx, for all that you have put into this world, and for this lovely daughter of yours that I wrap into my heart.

Forward we go into new adventures with Hawks Hunt’s Run River Run – aka River (formerly known as Peaches).

Ginny & Benny – now Poe
Suzanne, Hanna and John
Ha ha ha – Benny’s face says it all – he’s got BIG plans! Ginny’s smile says she’s up for the challenge.
Happy faces! Panini with Vicki, headed home to life with big brother Farley (from last litter).
Great-grandma Flicker age 13 watching puppies playing in the yard.
Two tired puppy raising masters – great-grandma Flicker, age 13+, and on the right, Lynx, age 6.
Hanna and her favorite pup, Helen.
Helen was Hanna’s favorite – they had a special bond.
Lynx offered one last drink to Helen before she went off into the sunset.
Helen (now Amara) waiting patiently for her family to find her. Those eyes…
Jen and Josh with Amara (aka Helen) — I don’t know who is luckier – Helen or her family!
River smiling – I think she’s plotting for the days when she is the only pup. She knows she’s the Keeper.
McKenzie and Yukon – an armful of love right there.
KJ and Moxie (aka Shug) about to head home – what a team!
First puppy in 30 years — what a wonderful match this is. Look at that man’s smile!
Deuce in one of her favorite spots: the threshold.
Alison isn’t too happy about her new puppy Ember (aka Deuce) but maybe someday the joy will shine through.
Alison’s husband Rusty is already smitten with their armful of joy, Ember (aka Deuce).
Jamie is waiting for his family to pick him up in a couple of days — but he’s already loving his new name, Groot.
Groot (aka Jamie) and River (aka Peaches) are just a double dose of cute!