Lynx x Quest litter 2023 – 8 weeks

Helen ambushed by Jamie while she is chewing on coffee table
Benny enjoys disrobing his friends
Benny practices the fine art of knot removal
Hanna spent some time with puppies and puzzles
Peaches at 8 weeks
Peaches 8 weeks profile
Yukon 8 wks
Panini 8 weeks
Panini 8 weeks profile
Panini again! 8 weeks
Jamie profile 8 wks
Deuce 8 weeks
Deuce 8 weeks smiling!
Benny 8 wks profile
Benny 8 weeks
JAMIE 8 weeks
Helen 8 weeks
Shug – profile 8 wks
Shug at 8 weeks
Panini with toy
Yukon and ring toy
How to bake a puppy: First, begin with an appropriate size pan. If your puppy overflows the baking dish, be sure to put a cookie sheet beneath the pup to catch anything that bubbles over while baking. Bake at low temp until unbearably cute.
Peaches at 8 weeks shows the promise of the dog she will be