Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application

This form is for applicants for a scholarship for select RCT courses.

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Hello! Thank you for your interest in Relationship Centered Training & Suzanne Clothier's work. Please tell us why are you seeking this scholarship? With the understanding that each scholarship is directly funded by Suzanne Clothier & Alissa Mosier, please let us know how this scholarship will ease the hardship of paying for this course at full price?
Are you currently enrolled in any other courses, with Suzanne or any other online programs? Please list all courses you are currently taking, or plan to take in the next 6 months.
Have you taken any prior courses with Suzanne? Which ones? Have you previously used any scholarships offered by Suzanne?
Please let us know how the specific sklils or techniques in this course will be put to use by you.


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Please let us know how the specific sklils or techniques in this course will be put to use by you.
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At this time, we offer a Needs-Based Scholarship (25% discount on full price) and a Shelter Staff Scholarship (50% discount on full price). Needs-Based is self determined on the honor system, and indicates that you and your family would face hardship trying to pay the full enrollment fee. Shelter Staff Scholarship is available to paid employees of a 501(c)3 non-profit or governmental animal shelter or sanctuary. You understand that you must pay the complete amount of the balance due once the scholarship has been applied. You may not combine any coupon code(s) or Early Bird Dog registrations discount with your scholarship.
Tell us about yourself, your experience, plans and anything else you'd like us to know about you.