Suzanne on Positively Dog Training Podcast with Victoria Stilwell

Suzanne joined Victoria Stilwell on her podcast – Positively Dog Training this week.

What can you expect?  As Victoria put it:

“Victoria geeks out chatting to one of the most formative influences on her life and career as a dog trainer: Suzanne Clothier. Suzanne shares her fascinating background as a groundbreaking thinker in the world of animal training and behavior, especially surrounding the concept of what she coined Relationship-Centered Training and the unique journey her approach has undergone over the past several decades. Victoria digs into the importance of Suzanne’s Dog Behavior Conference presentation, ‘See the Dog: Temperament, Training, Choices & Relationships.’”

You can listen to the podcast here to find out how Bones Would Rain from the Sky made her sweat, or find it on your favorite podcast streaming service.

And if you have not read Bones Would Rain from the Sky you can find a copy here.