Suzanne’s book, Bones Would Rain From the Sky, touched me because my dog at the time was a more aloof sort and I wondered what I could do to connect with her best and be sure her stoicness was just who she was and not a deficiency on my end of the line. When my next dog came along, a much more complicated, finely tuned soul, I had increased doubts about my ability to read and understand and believe him. I was able to bring him to see Suzanne at her farm and learn from her how to really see him, understand and believe him and then what to do with that information. Suzanne’s guidance built my confidence that I really CAN read my dog accurately and helpfully, see him as the complex individual he was and build a life for him that acknowledged his demons, but didn’t allow them to run roughshod all over our relationship or his place in our family, and promoted the activities and ways he felt comfortable, loved and safe so we could both be our honest selves together and best love each other.