When I think about Suzanne Clothier – many words come to mind: honest, respectful, brilliant, compassionate, inclusive, fair, empathetic, spontaneous, hilarious, serious, thought provoking and interactive. At one of Suzanne’s seminars, a very talented trainer turned to me and whispered, “Suzanne knows EVERYTHING!” I immediately thought, “Well, that’s ridiculous. No one knows everything.” But – as the years passed (I have known Suzanne for more than 30 years), that statement appeared to be true, as Suzanne solved the many and varied problems (both very large and relatively small)  I have encountered along the way – with several different dogs. I will add one thing to the statement: “Suzanne knows everything!” She knows everything – but – in addition (and I think, more importantly) , she always listens very carefully to what a owner/ handler/ trainer  has to say – takes the time to reflect – and never resorts to delivering a cookie cutter response.