Watching Suzanne work with a dog is invaluable.  I’ve owned three dogs bred by Suzanne, and benefitted from her guidance every step of the way.  Still so much to learn.  She teaches more in casually dropped observations than others manage in whole books.  The three most critical bits I’ve garnered have all been had this way.  1. “Forever” is 16 minutes.  Patience.  Wait for it.  Wait it out.  Time your marker.  2. Don’t lie to your dog.  A smack in the head moment.  If you’re teaching that “this means “that”, be sure to deliver “that.”  3. Dogs are always asking questions.  And always answering questions.  All the time.  Try some stillness, and learn to see and hear what their half of the conversation is.  Treat both their questions and their answers respectfully.  They are valid.  Three little pearls, had in casual conversation, and they were total game changers. So listen carefully. And, if you can, watch her work a dog.  It’s all there.