I attended Suzanne’s seminar on adolescent dog behavior and problems.  My dog, Kip, was chosen to participate. Kip was a rescue who had had very little handling and his arousal was over the top. He was VERY destructive at home having torn up the couch, loveseat and multiple other things. At the seminar Kip came in the building in full arousal and I was almost in tears. Suzanne taught me how to work with Kip so he could learn to control his arousal on his own. By the end of the seminar he was walking nicely on leash and not jumping all over us. More important – at home he started learning self control. Kip is now a super dog and I compete in nosework. We go to trials and he is a perfect gentleman around other dogs.  It was a long process – because I had to learn as well. Suzanne gave me the tools I needed to work with Kip and not feel overwhelmed.