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Suzanne Clothier Seminar

What attendees are saying

I have found every seminar that I have attended to be amazing. Each one with its own "aha!" moment    CARAT - understanding each animal for who s/he is and hearing what each animal is telling you about how the world is for them.

Ange H.

Sydney, Australia

I like the personal connections that Suzanne makes between her audience and her own experiences.

Sue A.

Guelph, Ontario

I have found that with each seminar, I learn something new that I can use when working with my dogs.

Karen W.

Sylmar, CA

What past hosts are saying

Suzanne Clothier is an excellent speaker. Her work is evidence-informed from both empirical literature and case studies. She has great repoire with the audience speaking from her head and heart - grounding her work in stories that are funny and breathtaking. She is a master of creativity and communication with her animal partners. Suzanne is a "go-to" expert in the field.

Dr. Jean Larson

University of Minnesota, Nature Based Therapeutics Programs

In just 3 months we filled our spots with a waiting list when hosting Suzanne Clothier here at Guide Dogs of America. Her reputation, dedication and ever so educating seminars sell themselves. Suzanne was a pleasure to work with and very accommodating. Her dedication to teaching all of us is outstanding.

Yvonne Martin

Guide Dogs of America, Sylmar, CA

Suzanne Clothier is the best. She has been a regular present at For Your K9 for 10 years. Her knowledge about everything dog with her quick wit makes a Suzanne Clothier Seminar wonderful experience of learning and laughing. After her first visit many years ago, we revamped our training program to incorporate Suzanne’s teachings and now For Your K9 is known for solving behavior issues and great training in our area. A Suzanne Clothier seminar is must have experience for all dog lovers.

Nancy Reyes

For Your K9, Chicago, IL