Trainer Path

guides trainers to the stuff they need
Obedience/manners/puppy class/one-on-one

RCT Training Skills Course (including RRR, Auto Check-In, PPP)

RCT Training Fun Bundle (Connection Course Cards, RCT Training Games)

Auto Check In


Adolescent Collection

Ultimate Puppy Bundle

Socialization MAP

How to Use the skills/games in your classes

Behavior problems

Reactive Dog Course

Shy Fearful Dog Course

RAT Certification Course


Observation Course

Sports Instructor

Ultimate Sports Instructor Package – include RAT, Distractions, Anatomy of Attention, Thresholds, Transitions & Triggers, and What’s the Problem? , RRR Pro, Movement Webinar

Your Athletic Dog

Movement Webinar


Jumping Articles becomes e-book

Observation Course Part One

Clothier Natural Jumping Method

New to Suzanne's work

See the Dog Workshop

Bones Would Rain from the Sky

Elemental Questions Webinar

Intro to RCT Training (Free?)

Intro to Suzanne’s Work Bundle (Intro to RCT, Elemental Questions Webinar, Introduction to CARAT Webinar, Introduction to RAT Webinar, Introduction to Treat/Retreat)

RCT Skills Course

Looking to deepen your understanding?

CARAT Certification

RAT Certification

See the Dog Seminar

Treat Retreat Certification

B2B & Organizations - putting RCT work for you & clients

We are happy to develop custom trainings for your staff, or supplemental lessons for your clients?

Introduction to CARAT – Give your staff a common language through CARAT.

Group Enrollment is available to all our courses and webinars.  Or bundle our webinars together for customized training – support from Suzanne is also available for an extra fee.

Looking for ways to help your clients?  No use to re-invent the wheel, you can purchase our courses at a bulk rate, or create custom course bundles.

Or you can become an affiliate and link your students to the Auto Check-In or Really Real Relaxation – e-mail to find out about our packages.

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