Relationship Centered Training

Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training (RCT) blends heart and science with a deep appreciation for each dog as an individual, and each relationship as unique and dynamic. RCT is for anyone seeking deeper understanding of dogs and our relationships with them.

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The heart & soul of connection

Do you wish you had new ways to see dogs and understand them more deeply?

Are you passionate about doing your best to help dogs and the people who love them?

Do you want to dive deeper into what’s possible in relationships with dogs?

Join us, and discover why Suzanne Clothier has been described as “an artist in a lab coat” for her innovative blend of heart and science.

Well grounded in science and research, Suzanne’s work is open-hearted and joyful, with a deep appreciation for each dog as an individual. She understands that each relationship as unique and dynamic, and has created techniques and tools to help each relationship develop to its full potential.

Suzanne Clothier and her Relationship Centered Training (RCT) approach will help you find your way to richly satisfying relationships. For more than 30 years, “trainer of trainers” Suzanne Clothier has kept the dog-human relationship central to all she does.

RCT has helped countless people and dogs around the world find their way to the profound connections possible when we put the dog first. Humane, practical and effective, RCT opens new depths of understanding. Whether you are working with your first dog or have spent a lifetime with dogs, RCT will inspire and inform you. Welcome!


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Upcoming Events

CLINTON, NJ – Sept 21 & 22, 2024

Save the dates! Details coming when available! Once again, hosted by the great folks at West Jersey K9 SAR. Cannot wait to be back for another amazing weekend.

SPOKANE WA June 7, 8 & 9

Hosted by Amy Barker of Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile, this will be a fantastic weekend - join us! Details here as they are available. Save the date and stay tuned!

DULUTH, MN Newfoundland Club of America National Specialty May 15

I am delighted to be speaking at the Newfoundland Club of America 2024 National Specialty in Duluth, MN on May...

UTAH – April 5, 6 & 7

SO glad to be returning to Utah for in-person seminars on April 5, 6 & 7, 2024. Details coming - stay tuned!

What our customers say about us

Suzanne is my go-to for practical, real world training

I’ve hosted Suzanne’s seminars for many years. Super easy to work with, she is very professional. Attendees love her humor and how she connects with each one of them. Many keep coming back for more every time she’s in the area. Suzanne is my go-to for practical, real world training without gimmicks and fluff. Highly recommended!

Cindy Knowlton, See Spot Grin, Glenwood, MD

A Suzanne Clothier seminar is must-have experience for all dog lovers.

Suzanne Clothier is the best. She has been a regular presenter at For Your K9 for nearly two decades. Her knowledge about everything dog with her quick wit makes any Suzanne Clothier Seminar a wonderful experience of learning and laughing. After her first visit many years ago, we revamped our training program to incorporate Suzanne’s teachings and now For Your K9 is known for solving behavior issues and great training in our area. A Suzanne Clothier seminar is must-have experience for all dog lovers.

Nancy Reyes, For Your K9, Chicago, IL

Inspirational, engaging and thought-provoking

I first met Suzanne through her insightful, wonderful book Bones Would Rain From The Sky. The book alone had me hooked and I wanted to meet this amazing author in person. I was delighted to host her for a series of 4 seminars in the UK. She didn’t disappoint! The woman that I met through the pages of her book, was even more inspirational in person and was an engaging and thought-provoking speaker. Suzanne is a consummate professional and delivered a world-class service for the lucky people who were able to attend. She had our audience spellbound from the beginning, right through to the end. I can’t wait to have you come back again!

Gemma Fisher, Fisher Fix Dogs, UK

Evidence-informed, master of creativity

Suzanne Clothier is an excellent speaker. Her work is evidence-informed from both empirical literature and case studies. She has great rapport with the audience speaking from her head and heart – grounding her work in stories that are funny and breathtaking. She is a master of creativity and communication with her animal partners. Suzanne is a “go-to” expert in the field.

Dr. Jean Larson, University of Minnesota, Nature Based Therapeutics Programs

I see dog behavior more clearly

Suzanne Clothier is brilliant in her understanding of dogs (and other species), and she uses her knowledge creatively to help people be successful in their work to improve their lives with their dogs. After learning from Suzanne, I see dog behavior more clearly. I am able to interact with dogs more effectively – for both the dog and for me. My dogs and the dogs I work with are grateful to Suzanne for giving them a partner who respects their point of view.