RAT: Relationship Assessment Tool

RAT: Relationship Assessment Tool

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Next RAT course starts September 8, 2024.

If you are involved in helping people and dogs find their best relationship, RAT™ is a must-have tool that streamlines your training so that you can be as effective, humane and customized as possible. RAT™ is ideal for trainers, instructors, shelter workers, rescue groups, veterinarians, vet techs, breeders, service dog trainers, AAI/AAT and anyone interested in understanding and enhancing the dog/human relationship.

RAT™ clearly identifies the strengths and weaknesses of any dog/handler team. Training Triage helps you prioritize and develop a sensible, targeted training plan for improving and strengthening the relationship.

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    How can RAT help?

    • The dynamics of relationship are your guide to effective training. RAT shows you what that dog and that handler need!
    • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in a relationship points the way to customized training plans.
    • The RAT scoresheet provides clear information for the client, and supports the rationale behind your training plans.
    • Make the match! Is this dog right for this handler? Is this handler or lifestyle right for this dog? RAT is an ideal suitability assessment.
    • Track progress through changes in the RAT scoresheet, provide excellent feedback for clients.

    RAT™ provides a clear structure for helping you see whether a dog and human are aligned, or if their individual patterns of behavior are creating challenges or even conflict.

    Put your training time, energy and resources into addressing the actual issues, not following a one-size-fits-all training plan.

    This self-paced course offers 3 months of coaching from Suzanne (via 6 bi-weekly Zoom meetings), plus RAT discussion group. Access to materials for 1 full year.

    Next RAT course starts  September 8, 2024.

    Completion of the course offers the following CEUs: IAABC – 22.875 CEUs; KPA – 30 CEUs; PPAB – 19 CEUs.

    NOTE: This product is purchased through Thinkific. When you click to purchase, a new window will open for that site, where you will need to create a Thinkific account to complete the purchase.

    4 reviews for RAT: Relationship Assessment Tool

    1. Ann Howie

      Using R.A.T. helps me as a psychotherapist examine and identify essential elements of relationship quickly and clearly with my clients. And relationships are at the heart of most human issues. R.A.T. helps me point out therapeutic issues in a fundamental way that is often easier for clients to absorb because their interactions with an animal seem removed from their “real life,” with all the emotional landmines real life contains. The information I get from R.A.T. then helps me structure interventions that have a greater likelihood of helping clients achieve their goals. It helps me work on the issue rather than the symptoms of the issue. Ann Howie, LISCW, ASCW, CCA, CCFT, Human-Animal Solutions, author Teaming With Your Therapy Dog

    2. Cindy Knowlton CPDT-KA, CNWI, CCA

      RAT has added some powerful skills to my professional trainer toolbox. RAT helps me identify what skills & support are needed for dog & handler The RAT score sheet provides each client with great clarity and the opportunity to dig into a specific, well though-out training plan that meets their needs. Cindy Knowlton CPDT-KA, CNWI, CCA, See Spot Grin

    3. Cindy B

      As a trainer, RAT gives me a better understanding of the specific aspects of the relationship of the owner with the dog in front of me so that I can tailor a training program to address those needs, especially from the dog’s perspective. Cindy Benson – Benson Maremmas

    4. Lynn DeSautels

      A triage tool every trainer would benefit from!

      RAT is brilliantly incisive. I love how it provides a deceptively simple framework for zeroing in on the foundational issues most important to helping the human-canine team in front of me. As a trainer, it is one of the most helpful tools I have encountered.

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